John White – Sexual Planking – S13 E16

Season 13
Season 13
John White - Sexual Planking - S13 E16

This week we have the incomparable John White of The John Whites! John is a prolific artist who has been making and recording his original music since the age of 17. Uninhibited and (not necessarily dirty but) highly sexual songs and themes run through a John White set. It’s not the only place his tunes go though: there’s joy and pain, life and death.

A bald man with a trim beard sings into a microphone while playing a dark brown acoustic guitar
John White

John puts his life into the art. Some songs come across as blunt but really there’s hidden metaphors going on. Conversely, songs that sound metaphorical may actually be literal, and that’s the fun of it. Like the great artists, his work means different things to different people.

Kadillac Kim has been championing John for years as one of her absolute favorite artists. It was great to catch up with her as well. We get into everything going on with the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market crew.
Jam packed with tunes and great talks about the artistic processes, burn out, trying new things, lofty life goals, and soaking – which also means different things to different people.

Of course we get the where and when for upcoming shows and dedicate the episode to Cameron White, Johns brother who we lost last year and to Nicks stepdad Hans Karlsson who passed a few weeks ago. Hold your loved ones close. Cherish your time together and keep making those memories.

Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening.

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