New Beginnings: TCP and Noble Advocacy – S10 E1

Season 10
Season 10
New Beginnings: TCP and Noble Advocacy - S10 E1

Greetings and salutations, loyal listeners! It’s been a month since we broke for Christmas, but we are excited to start the new season – Season 10!!!

This week we have some great guests, new and returning. First, our musical feature for the week is Teagan ‘TCP’ Powell. New to the Reno area, this kid is just getting started – a sound tech by trade and an aspiring emcee by night. He’s traveled around more than most, picked up a few stories and spits them back out after they circumnavigate the inside of his mind.

Teagan Powell, flashing 'hang loose' signs with his thumbs and pinkies of both hands
Tegan “TCP’ Powell

Also up to bat at the top of the year is Ken McKim. You may remember Ken from a few years ago when he came to talk about advocating for people with ‘unseen’ painful diseases like Crohn’s Disease and Colitis and the very real and unique problems they face. Now, Ken is still out there advocating for patients and their rights and needs. At Noble Patient Advocacy the focus is on patients needing another voice, someone to help them through the complicated trials of getting diagnoses and treatments, seeing doctors, deciphering the hieroglyphics of medical documentation and navigating the choppy waters of insurance coverage and medical practices. It’s truly a noble undertaking, servicing those lost in mazes of anxiety, illness and at the mercy of out healthcare landscape.

Ken McKim, smiling patiently
Ken McKim, smiling patiently

In local events, Kadillac Kim is excited to announce the return of the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market. Our friends at The Generator are back at it again, with two days of punk rock music, DIY crafts, underground literature, workshops, drag queen story time and the new and improved CAR SMASH PYRAMID!!! Follow the link for a lineup of bands and vendors. (And don’t forget the Afterparty!)

There’s a lot going on this weekend. Friday, Cell With Lincoln Skinz is going to be a fun show over at VSB; so is Jen Scaffidi (solo) with My Dallas Teens, Acid Reality Casualty Test at Jub Jubs. In the Art World, the Depot Gallery is hosting an Artist Reception for Nick Noyes on the same night. Saturday, Alturas is hosting their monthly dance night, Cellar Door, featuring darkwave, post-punk, industrial, got, coldwave, and experimental dance tunes curated by our favorite DJ / tattoo artist, John Potter. Holland Project will be calmly rocking the doors off with the Chad Flores Album Release Show, ft. Só Sol, and My Acoustic Heart. Good buddy Nick Eng will be over at the Fat Cat B&G that a night as well!

Get out and do stuff!

You’re a beautiful audience. We’re happy to have you along for the ride. If youre interexted in supporting the show or having your name mentioned on air, please visit our WLP Patreon page and see what fits!

Thanks for listening.

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