Made For Shelter – That’s a Badd Podcast! – S10 E2

Season 10
Season 10
Made For Shelter - That's a Badd Podcast! - S10 E2

First off I need to say hello, so: Hello!

Second – I need to apologize to our guests Made For Shelter . Not only is this podcast like 5 days late… we also forgot to take pictures!!!! While not necessary, we do like to show you all our guests – in action! (yaaahhh1!!!11!!!!!! ELEVENTY!!!!!1!!11!!!)

Made For Shelter is a badass alt rock, shoegazy trio that you should really go out of your way to see. Which you can do at The Holland Project this weekend at a great show with this coming week’s guests, Ummm Jr.. (THAT show should be on time – good lor’ willin’ an’ th’ crick don’ rise) along with Dogleg and Glass Beach

Lastly – sorry for the berevity – just want to get this show out to you as fast as I can, this late. Cause Made For Shelter is pretty awesome.

Thanks for listening.

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