Lucas Young – No Upbeat Songs – S3 E26

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Season 03
Lucas Young - No Upbeat Songs - S3 E26

And away we go!

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This every other week thing is starting to really mess up my schedule. Is it July? September? I don’t know anymore! But the studio has been a lot cooler to work in. Part of what makes it so friggin cool this week is the awesome Lucas Young! Lucas just met the guys from the show over this past summer and has impressed them all with what a superb singer, musician and songwriter he is! Lucas Young is the real deal.

Lucas Young, of Lucas Young and the Wilderness

Well, here’s a smiley fellow!

Lucas Young can be found all over Reno, playing solo or with the Wilderness at open mic nights, shows and this Friday at the Knitting Factory with Buster Blue!!! Pretty damn exciting. If you happen to live in TX, we have some breaking news for you – Lucas Young has a number of tour dates coming up in central TX this fall, so you should check him out!

Also on the show this week – a surprise visit from our favorite Canadian, Danielle French. Danielle was the first guest on our show, oh so many years ago. She’s back in town before the Burn, to play some music and chill with friends. We were so happy Danielle French took the time to stop by and see us!!!

Calgary-based Reno musician, Danielle French

Rick is still learning how to take pictures….

Well, I gotta run…
Thanks for listening!

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