Irreplaceable Beings: Full Circle – S13 E5

Season 13
Season 13
Irreplaceable Beings: Full Circle - S13 E5

This week’s guests are two of the most badass drummers has Reno ever produced. Pierre Marche, notably of Screeching Weasel, Suckapunch and Stevedave; and Jason Thomas of December, Cranium, Kate Cotter and many others.

3/4 front profile of Pierr looking across the room with a smirk
THE Pierre Marche

Pierre has put together a new EP and a new lineup for the band he fronts – Irreplaceable Beings.
The new lineup includes Jason in the drumpit. We dive right into their relationship that they’ve had since high school marching band. It’s an amazing journey through the Reno music scene.

Side view of Jason, calm but engace and smiling at the other side of the room.
Jason ‘Machinebeast” Thomas

Irreplaceable Beings newest release, Pasadena Ave, is super tight, poppy, aggressive punk rock, remaining sweet, funny and sincere as previous ones. Pierre is a pretty romantic guy. We hear a bit about how the record was made at Pus Cavern and a few songs that are all great.
You can catch them March 17 at the Matador in Reno for a St. Patrick’s Day punk rock show , with Last One Down and the legendary Suckapunch!

St. Patrick's Day Punk Rock Show featuring - Sucka Punch - Last 1 Down - Irreplaceable Beings - March 17 - Matador Lounge - $10 - 8pm - over 21 - 445 california ave, Reno, NV
St. Pat’s flyer

Chewie treats us all with a new segment where he brings in an old cassette from the early nineties and plays us a blast from the past on his Sony Walkman. This week’s “From Chewies Vault “ selection is the mighty GOB! Pierre in turn treats us to an epic story about GOB. It’s a great mix of now and then this week on WLP.

A Sony Walkman, Lagunitas Daytime, Bosses's Daughter EP and a casettee comp of Reno
Chewie’s Corner

Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening.

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