A Wormhole Could Kill Us All – Back From The Future – S13 E4

Season 13
Season 13
A Wormhole Could Kill Us All - Back From The Future - S13 E4

We are back from the future and have a few more episodes until we present our 500th extravaganza! Inching us closer this week are surf rockers A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, who we will henceforth refer to as AWCKUA (like ‘aqua’, because they’re surfing the cosmic hot dog water with their high energy music). Matt and Spencer on guitars, Lucas on bass and Bill on the skins. Matt also throws in some keyboard sometimes.

Spencer singing into a mic while plating guitar
Spencer Eldgridge

We haven’t seen AWCKUA on the show since 2019 and it was a real treat to hang (ten)with them again. They still have that cinematic sound. Their songs can transport you to the sea, the mountains and the galaxy!

Matt Bode on his knees playing guitar behind a keyboard.
Matt Bode

The guys were super fun and even shared some interesting cooking tips and recipes.
You can catch AWCKUA at Taste of Chicago with Spencer and Lucas’s other band, Two Man Lemmon Band on February 28th.

lucas grimes standing broudly with a pale blue bass
Lucas Grimes

Ian has your upcoming shows and Kadillac Kim is at it again with the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market’s upcoming Punk Rock Prom! Listen for details.

Bill Holford behind a drumkit
Bill Holford

Our Patreon members get a sweet Op Ivy cover this week!
Thanks for listening!

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