Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams – Live Debutants

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams - Live Debutants

AND. WE. ARE. BACK. Live and performing before a live studio audience for the very first time, we are happy to introduce Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams.

black and white of Greg Gilmore yelling at the camera
Greg Gilmore

Admittedly, this is not their first appearance on the show; you might remember them in their (very recent) incarnation as Silver. Everyone, except Jorge – he’s new. He takes the Quiz.

Jorge Pulido-Rubio staring intently at the camera
Jorge Pulido-Rubio

This new configuration was significantly impacted by the COVID shutdowns of last year, quite early on. Listen to the show to find out the details, but I’ll go so far as to tell you, synchronicity is a strange thing.

Brendon Lund, Smiling broadly and holding his bass
Brendon Lund

Their first release will be a single off of the full-length album that they will be releasing at an unspecified time in the near future. I forgot to take notes and am writing this before the recording is finalized, so, again: you’ll just have to listen to the show to find out. As if you are reading this and not listening. No one is coming here for the writing.

Adam Landis sitting in front of a keyboard
Adam Landis
Jeff Knight smiling and waving behind his drums
Jeff Knight

There’s a lot of great events coming up this week – please check them out at the Worst Little Grid in this post or on our Instagram/Twitter/Facebook pages. And let us know if you got something to share at If you’re interested in supporting us, please check out the Patreon page and sign up to get weekly bonus content.

Worst Little Grid - Weekend of 06/11-06/12/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Fri 06/11/21 The Bluebird House Friday Techno Takeover 8:30 pm $12 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Mixed Bill Friday: Local Anthology, Kill on Command, Christopher Chamberlian 6 pm $0 21+ Canvas Cafe (VC) Canvas Cafe Songwriter Series: Jessica DaSilva & CW Bayer 10am & 1pm $0 Alturas Bar Reverse the Cycle, Who Wants the Crown, Save Robin Steele 7 pm doors 8 pm show $10 21+ Engine 8 Urban Winery Lexi Scatena 6 pm $0 21+ Midtown Wine Bar Snakeboy Johnson Band 8 pm $0 21+ Sat 06/12/21 10 Torr Distilling and Brewing 10'N'SONIC: Patio Music Series - Spike McGuire & Greg Gilmore 7 pm $0 21+ Black Rabbit Mead Company Black Rabbit Presents: Will Shamberger 7:30 pm $0 21+ Alturas Bar Judas Thieves, Alice Unchained and Love Removal Machine 8:30 pm $0 21+ Canvas Cafe (VC) Canvas Cafe Songwriter Series: Greg Gilmore & Gia Torcaso 10am & 1pm $0
Worst Little Grid – Weekend 06/11-06/12/21
Worst Little Grid - Weekdays of 06/13-06/17/21 Sun 06/13/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Noel 8 pm sign-up 8:30 pm show $10 21+ Alturas Bar Sounds of the City: Doyle Wayne Stewart & Doug Sandall 5 pm $0 21+ Wild River Grill Mel & Gia Live 6:30 pm $0 all Tue 06/15/21 Coffee N' Comics Open Mic Comedy with Bobby Benedict 5:30 pm sign-up 6 pm show $0 The Office of Hughes & Porter Open Mic Comedy with Norm Enlow 8:30 pm sign-up 9 pm show $0 21+ Wed 06/16/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Vickie Gordon 7:30 pm sign-up 8 pm show $0 21+ Thu 06/17/21 Alturas Bar Comedy Night with Paul Spock 9:00 pm $5 21+ Wild River Grill Mel & Gia Live 6:30 pm $0 all Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here
Worst Little Grid – Weekdays 06/13-06/17

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Photo of Nicole Gaugh, former intern at the Worst Little Podcast, who was in a fatal car accident this past week.
Remembering Nicole Gaugh – Intern X

Six Sundays – Cutting the Turgid Cheese

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Six Sundays - Cutting the Turgid Cheese

Blowing in like a bat out of somewhere more comfortable and dry (and with snacks) is Oregon’s own dad-punk trio, Six Sundays. Fans of the show may remember Six Sundays relatively recent performances at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market or bassist/crooner Foo Fleming from RWHAP (…he’s the one who always wore the fez…. yes, you haven’t seen him in a while… because he moved to Oregon, yes…).

closeup of Foo wearing a black Fez, emblazoned with the letter 'F'
Foo Fleming

Like many creatives trapped to their own devices during the past year, Six Sundays has been hammering out a new album’s worth of songs. We will share some of those with you tonight in an attempt to tickle your inner ear. Really, though – a lot of good stuff here, shifting between sounds and styles of punk – old school, East Coast, West Coast, popppy. Even more impressive when you realize that they all lived through these eras and aren’t confined to bedrest in their infirmity. They have definitely spent their time productively.

head and shoulders picture of Andrew Duden in a Red t-shirt and tan ballcap
Andrew Duden

It was a lot of fun to hear about how things are going in another state with some of the extended family – it’s a different world, wherever you go. We are happy to have Six Sundays on as our last pandemic show – truly a blast to hang out with them and can’t wait until they come back (I think Kim booked them for the next RPRFM during the episode, if I’m not mistaken). Damn! Lots of fun.

head and shoulders picture of Dirk Dirt in a black t-shirt and ballcap
Dirk Dirt

We here at the podcast are also saddened to hear today of the passing of one of our good friends, former intern and guest of the show, Nicole Hutcheson Gaugh. Please keep her family in your hearts. I have no other words.

Life is truly short and we love you.

Worst Little Grid - Week of 06/04-06/10/21 Venue Act Time Cover Age Dates Fri 06/04/21 The Bluebird House Friday: Hype & Soul Recordings Vs. Funktion House Takeover 8:30 pm $12 ticketed 21+ Holland Lounge Nico's Mystery w/ Love Castle 8 pm Door 8: 30 pm Show $10 ticketed All Rum Sugar Lime First Friday w/ Mark Sexton 9 pm $0) 21+ The Polo Lounge New Wave Crave (unplugged) 6 pm $0) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Rubles Plunge 6 pm $10 ticketed 21+ Dead Ringer Analog Bar Funk Facility 10 pm $0) 21+ Sat 06/05/21 Black Rabbit Mead Company Nick Eng 7:30 pm $0) 21+ The Bluebird NOVACANCY Presented by Meet the Locals EDM 8:30pm $20 ticketed 21+ VIirgina Street Brewhouse Holmar 9 pm $15 ticketed 21+ Sun 06/06/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Noel 8 pm sign-up 8: 30 pm show $0) 21+ Alturas Bar Sounds of the City: 5 pm $0) 21+ Mon 06/07/21 Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Email to if you have an event listing you'd like to see here Tue 06/08/21 Coffee N' Comics Open Mic Comedy with Bobby Benedict 5:30 pm sign-up 6 pm show $0) The Office of Hughes & Porter Open Mic Comedy with Norm Enlow 8:30 pm sign-up 9 pm show $0) 21+ Wed 06/09/21 The Library Open Mic Comedy with Vickie Gordon 7:30 pm sign-up 8 pm show $0) 21+ Thu 06/10/21 Fat Cat Bar & Grill Nick Eng 6 pm $0) All Alturas Bar Comedy Night with Paul Spock 9 pm $5) 21+ Virginia Street Brewhouse Cash'd Out 6 pm ticketed 21+
Worst Little Grid – Week of 06/04/21

Post Humous – Not 100% Finished

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Post Humous - Not 100% Finished

Whilst laying down new tracks at ye olde Dogwater Studios, local stake punk and rocker, Glynn Osburn, stopped by the Zoom Room to talk about what’s happening in his corner of the world. His band, Post Humous, is wrapping up recording a new full-length album and are excited to hit the circuit this summer and start playing some shows.

black and white image of the trio Post Humous playing their instruments with the band name scrawled in yellow tagging-style script
Post Humous

Osburn plays guitar and sings lead vocals for the group; he is joined by Fernando Rivera on bass and Travis Howard on the drums. They have been together in this lineup for about two years – they kept up with the songwriting and rehearsals all through 2020 in order to get ready for this album. If you’ve caught them before, think of that as a soft opening. According to Osburn, they were just getting up to strength and full speed.

Glynn Osburn looking off-camera contemplatively
Glynn Osburn

To bring things to a serious note: We mark the passing of a friend today. We ask that you take a moment to spare a thought for Josh Dealy. Josh was well known in the Reno music scene as a superfan. You could always find him at a music event dancing – by himself or in the middle of a group It didn’t matter; Josh loved music and dancing. He loved all of us so very much and was looking forward to going out to shows in the new era. His absence is felt deeply by all of us at the podcast. So remember to tell the people you care about how you feel – you never know what tomorrow can bring.

Life is Short; we love you.

Thanks For Listening

Local event grid week of 05/28/21
Worst Little Grid – week of 05/28/21

Filependejo – A Series of Bad Decisions

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Filependejo - A Series of Bad Decisions

Welcome back to our favorite one-man band: Felipendejo! Nothing will keep this man down, not snow in May, not Jon Cena, and certainly not COVID-19. You of course remember him from previous episodes as well as opening for epic acts like Mac Sabbath, Metalachi and Clownvis.

Felipendejo smiling maniacally holding drumsticks aloft against a yellow background

Throughout the pandemic, Kevin worked in a weed store and churned out videos on the Felipendejo IG page and the YouTubery – talk about time well spent! As usual, the conversation ranges far and wide, guided by Rick, Nick and Ian this week. Kim and Rory are really bummed they could not be there to talk with Kevin about his year and new music. Chewie is bummed, as always, that he has to make more money than the rest of us at his real job (but should be rejoining us for a live show soon!)

That’s right! Beginning in June, we are returning to our live format with weekly performances. Just a few more weeks!
And if you can’t wait for live music and entertainment – check out the Worst Little Grid below!

PS – don’t forget to check out Eric Stangeland’s “Wake Up” – available as of today, 05/21/21! Support Local Music!

Thanks for listening!

A grid format for live music events in Reno week of 05/21/21

Franc Friday – This Isn’t Even My Final Form

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Franc Friday - This Isn't Even My Final Form

The turn of a season, the promise of a turn in the tide: this the stage is set for this week’s guest, Franc Friday. New and unexpected things from this quadrant – like many, Franc spent the past year getting his experimental introspection on . Instead of plying his wordsmithing to his beats, he dropped a full solo album, “Once More Lost in the Post,” with vocals and songwriting recently. It’s a real treat, so I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but I think without giving anything away, we can tell you that it is darkly evocative music that calls you to follow it, each song to the next.

Franc in a black facemask, black backwards ball cap and pointing at the viewer with two fingers on a black-gloved hand
Franc Friday

Frank Friday (aka Evynn Tyler) is more than just a rapper and musician though., He’s also a pretty face. I kid – Evynn is a talented writer and professional committed to human and civil rights and literacy initiatives (but he’s totally been a model too) You can check out his more erudite creative outputs over at

So! In the interests of jump starting this live music and entertainment thing, we were thinking it would be cool to have a central place for people to find out what’s happening around town… like a grid or something like that… So, here’s your first Installment of: The Worst Little Grid

Thanks For Listening.

A graphic format of upcoming events
Worst Little Grid – Week of 05/14-04/20/21

The Randy Savages – Cream of the Crop

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Randy Savages - Cream of the Crop

“You ever stare at people weirdly and listen to a song together?” is the best question of this episode and it wasn’t even asked by a host.

The Randy Savages "All My My Life" album art featuring a caricature drawing of professional wrestler Randy Savage and wrestling artefacts
The Randy Savages “All My Life”

“The Randy Savages are a pop-punk wrestling collective who do not identify as a band, they prefer “Punk Rock Wrestling Accompaniment.”” They emulate and create odes dedicated to the life and times of legendary superstar of the 80s and 90s professional wrestling circuit, Randy Savage. Truly a pinnacle of art and sophistication that we had the privilege of bearing witness to – ok, really, the show is a shitshow, like any other, but a really exciting one! 90% more yelling!

Chris FOx wearing a green tiger-striped bandanna and sunglasses, like Randy Savage
Chrisy Savage

The latest The Randy Savages album was recorded at Noise Eater Recordings and is available on Voted Best Records’ bandcamp page. Really, though: It’s everywhere. Just search it and it will magically appear. The latest release “All My Life” continues the saga of the struggle and life of their namesake

Jamie Locks, beaming like a happy angel
Jamie Locks
Nick Carroll against a sterile white background
Nicky Savage
Jesse Williams staring intensely into the camera while holding a disconnected microphone
Jesse Savage

Originally, this show was booked to feature Jesse Williams and his solo album, “I Tried” (also recorded at Noise Eater and out from Voted Best Records), so… check that out too. But these The Randy Savages just took over everything. oh yeah! We did also get to spend some time with the brains and talent behind Noise Eater Recordings, Olav Tabatabai, who seems like a genuinely nice and talented fellow. No idea of why he’s working with these weirdos.

Olav Tabatabai smiling behind a thick beard
Olav Tabatabai of Noise Eater Recordings

Well, that’s a lot of pictures and very few words – I feel good about that.

Thanks For Listening.

*REPOST* Redfield Clipper – Introspective Explosion

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
*REPOST* Redfield Clipper - Introspective Explosion

The Year of COVID has been transformative for a lot of people. This week’s guest, Redfield Clipper, talks a lot about his own transformation into a new style of music, composing an album largely online and grappling with death. It’s a pretty heavy episode…

Redfield Clipper, Reno musician and songwriter, smiling proudly.

It’s also a really fun episode! Redfield regales us with stories of creating the music for the album “Death Anxiety” and the many projects he’s been involved with (like “Say Their Names” With Lily Baran). His own musical journey sees him drifting away from the hip-hop beats and more into the jazzy-jam realms of R&B. It’s a lot about growth and transformation, when we get down to it. (Bonus: Rick calls out Sir Paul McCartney’s bad songwriting.)

Thanks for listening! Make a wish!

Ugly Orphans – Here To Play

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Ugly Orphans - Here To Play

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast. This week Nick, Kim, and Rick welcome Tom, Eric, and Billy from Ugly Orphans to the show. They brought a bunch of brand new punk rock with them and gave some hilarious quiz answers. Press play for a whole lot of Podcast exclusives!

We’re back next week with Glynn Osburn and Sean Pearson. Thanks for listening!

Shannon Dobbs – Un-Commonly Grounded

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Shannon Dobbs - Un-Commonly Grounded

I cant stop sneezing – spring must be here.

Thanks for stopping in and checking us out – if you’re a follower, I think we have the technical details worked out, and we appreciate your patience. If not, please let our customer service know at the link here. Haha.

Our guest this week is Shannon Dobbs, Reno entrepreneur and international agent of change. Shannon has spent a lot of time in Reno, as a community member as well as a business owner, and literally has put his money where his mouth is, betting on a future of change. You may know him as the former proprietor of the Five Star or the founder of On Common Ground, a community food network.

Shannon Dobbs

We range unusually far and wide this week: We talk about Shannon’s new digs in Mexico. We take some trips down memory lane, talking about the old Reno, the dark and dirty Reno, the Reno full of optimism and hope. We also talk about a lot of the current harsh realities, from COVID to food insecurity. Shannon also has a book coming out, regarding community organizing to combat food anxieties. Look for Low Hanging Fruit to come out on (or around) 7/11/2021. Featured Music this week from Vague Choir, Karma and Erin Drive.

Thanks For Listening!

Margy Ford – Powerhouse

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Margy Ford - Powerhouse

We never said we were good at scheduling, which is why we are concluding our Women’s March in April (but it was recorded in March – really!). We are super excited to wrap things up with one of the great friends of the show, and all of us personally, the incredible singer, Margy Ford.

Margy Ford via Zoom giving a thumbs up
Margy Ford via Zoom

Margy Ford has been a mainstay of the Reno music scene for the better part of the last decade. Her strong singing talents and affable nature have pushed her into the limelight in bands like Candyshoppe, Satellite Serenade, Wheatstone Bridge and, of course, the contemporary Roxxy Collie. Plus, she’s just a blast to talk to .

We check in with her musical progress, as well as her recovery after a bad injury during the pandemic. When will the next Roxxy Collie album come out? You might just have to stay tuned…

Thanks For Listening

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