Reno’s Phat Mark : Pretty, Hot, And Tempting

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Reno’s Phat Mark : Pretty, Hot, And Tempting

The six headed beast, Phat Mark, is a little like a cult; if you ask for, “Phat Mark” they respond, “We are all Mark.” Don’t let that scare you off, they’re not looking to recruit. They’re just hilarious folks who play jazzy funk pieces: keys, bass, drums , and horns!! The tech crew (Annamouse, Ian, and Dogwater Dick) had a huge set up for this sweet treat of an episode.

Jarod, Morgan, Casey, Vincenzo, Andrew and Dusty of Phat Mark, all standing together, arms over shoulders
Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark and, of course, Mark

Birthed from the ashes of GLM’s production of Young Frankenstein, Phat Mark have put together a killer, group of grooves. Soothing, but funky and full; changing time signatures and keys, always keeping it interesting. We have Casey on trumpet and vocals, Morgan slapping the bass, Jarod with the saxophone, Vincenzo hitting the keyboard, Andrew mouthing up the trombone, and Dusty bringing it home on the drums. (We’ve been advised bout our attorney to leave out their last names until the statute of limitations is up.)

Casey Smith, giving the camera a chin-out smirk while wearing a drab green t-shirt. black hair and goatee
Casey Mark

All in their twenties, Phat Mark are ready to have a good time. I personally imagine dancing for hours at their shows (which are often long sets up to 3 hours long). They’re on fire, hungry, and classically trained to funk your freakin’ socks off. And best of all: They are Reno as funk. Catch them ASAP.

Nick Ramirez, arms crossed, looking sideways at the camera with a disappointed look on his face, wearing a 'Clerks" uniform shirt, Mooby hat and long silver hair
Nick is barely amused

As usual, the hosts share their weekend, we get a super mini quiz and Rick embarrasses Nick with some ancient audio drops from the vault. A truly funked up time was had by all. Thanks for listening.

Life is short and we love you. Peace!

Tom, Nick and Dave – Man Solo – S12 E22

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Tom, Nick and Dave - Man Solo - S12 E22

Fully loaded episode, please. All three toppings, please.

That’s right: THREE guests this week, each with their own solo album. And by “solo album” we mean it – each of these musical monsters have largely played all the parts on their albums, in addition to writing the whole durn thing.

Tom Odenheimer tilting his chin at the camera, challengingly, with a grey beard snf blsvk patched ballcap and black cutoff t-shirt

First up, we welcome back Tom Odenheimer of Ugly Orphans who lets his hair down with his alter ego, Thamvz, in a little cozy black metal project, Sinn Demonisk. The album, “Humanity’s Cycle” is just a little grindy something to soothe the blackest corners of the hole that was left when you lost your soul. Self-produced, recorded and mixed entirely on an iPhone, this is about as lo-fi as you can get. Play it loud; wake the neighbors. Available on all the usual digital places.

A selfie with Nick Ramirez smiling and squinting at the camera with long hair, black glasses and a backwards baseball cap ans Rev Rory leaning into the left side of the picture with a small smirk and short faded pink hair and over-ear headphones.
Nick Ramirez, with Rev creepin

We would be remiss if we did not recognize the achievements of our brother and co-host, Nick Ramirez (Roxxy Collie, One Ton Dually, and more). (again). As you may recall from Season 10 Episode 37, Nick recorded and released his album “This Might Be The End” during the pandemic. A combination retrospective and showcase, Ramirez put together some of his most successful and meaningful-to-him songs all in one place for you to find. Physical copies are still in very limited supply, but well worth it.

Dave Masu, smiling broadly
Dave Masud

The last album we talk about is the most recent – literally about a week old at the time of this writing. Good buddy, Dave Masud (Vampirates, Suckapunch, and more) has created and released an EP called “False Island”, a 5-song journey inside the mind of a Reno punk rock staple. I’ve been listening to it almost every day this week and I am a little smitten with it. Masud has put together a strong entry, complete with deep lyrics, ripper hooks, and quirky fun. If you’d like a copy of this on CD, you can show up to the hottest ticket this weekend, the almost-sold-out CD release show at The Cypress, where Masud has put together an amazing band of some of Reno’s best talents to back him in this presentation; also featured at the show are Heterophobia and Roxxy Collie.

THis was a really great episode – hopefully the start of a new series. If you’ve put out a solo album, get a hold of us, let’s talk process with you!

Thanks for listening.

The Sweet Life of Zack and Kody – Donkey Punch! – S12 E21

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Sweet Life of Zack and Kody - Donkey Punch! - S12 E21

Welcome back friends and faithful listeners! We welcome back a familiar duo!
You might remember them from such bands as The Letdowns, Frontier City Sounds, Viva Revenge, Los Pistoleros and Donkey Jaw! Zack Ryan and Kody McKinley have been rocking Reno together since they were kids. Well, they’re all grown up and killing it.

Zack Ryan

Zack has been at work with Dogwater Dick recording a solo album. They are also in Dave Masud’s  (Vampirates, Suckapunch, others) backup band for his upcoming solo Record Release at Cypress Saturday 7/30. Zack gives us some acoustic tunes and Cody came to chat. (if you’re a Patreon member you get a little Kody in your exclusive song) Donkey Jaw has new members in th emix, making their high energy punk rock sound much bigger. They return to the stage in October! We can’t wait.

Kody McKinley

We do the tangential thing with our old friends. Run some history of our encounters through the years, as well as a great little quiz. Check out Zack’s YouTube page with great content and tutorials.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for the Reno News and Review’s Best Of Northern Nevada awards. Round two is up and we totally appreciate your vote. Thanks Reno and beyond. Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for Listening.

Jen Scaffidi and Carson Cessna – Don’t Call It a Comeback – S12 E20

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jen Scaffidi and Carson Cessna - Don't Call It a Comeback - S12 E20

It’s always awesome to welcome old friends back in the hallowed halls of the Dogwater Studios, especially these two: Jen Scaffidi and Carson Cessna. Jen and Carson are 2/3 of the perennial Carson rockers Blunderbusst and all of the noise sorcerers known as Wizard Colors. True to form, Jen brings a whole slate of new new songs for us to listen to this week.

Jen Scaffidi., smiling as she plays a hollow-body guitar
Jen Scaffidi – always having fun

Per usual, while on hiatus, they have still been hard at work crafting songs about life and self. They are set to head into the studio to create yet another full-length and are approaching it in a novel way for them. lovely and talented Carolyn Gates is on hiatus and could not make it out, but we love her, wish her will hand hope to see her again soon.

Carson Cessna looking at the camera disappointedly, long shoulder length ash-blonde hair, black t-shirt
Carson knows what you did and is disappointed in you.

Hope you’re having a holiday. Thanks for listening.

Good Will Shamberger – S12 E19

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Good Will Shamberger - S12 E19

This week we have one of the hardest working bands in Northern Nevada, The Will Shamberger Band!

Closeup of Will Shamberger singing into a microphone pop filter

Straight out of Fallon, this rock quartet , who we (WLP) haven’t seen in 11 months, has been busy delivering their songs to the people. Saving theaters, recording albums and melting faces. Seriously, their lead guitarist Charlie is becoming a well known shredder. He’s virtuoso good. When he’s not playing it’s all he thinks about and it shows.

Charlie Gomes, intently staring at his wood grain electric guitar as he shreds with it.

Fronted by the charismatic and funny Will, who’s voice has a sweet, sincere strong tone, combined with his killer songwriting and guitar work, Charlie’s soaring lead and the band’s solid rhythm section, (Jesse on fretless bass and Stone on the kit) TWSB create a psychedelic grungy funk rock sound for songs with commercial radio sensibilities. It’s hard to pigeonhole them. They’re not trendy or edgy. They’re a good time rock and roll band. Familiar and unique.

Jesse Morrow singing while playing his fretless bass, eyes closed.

They’ve just finished their new recording with Dog Water Dick and can’t wait for you all to hear it. Press play for all the details and where you can catch them next!

Stone Seuss, smiling with a busy mustache from behind a drumset and cymbals.

Life is short and we love you! Thanks for listening.

Buffalo Moses – Antique Camera – S12 E18

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Buffalo Moses - Antique Camera - S12 E18

Buffalo Moses comes around again, bringing with him a whole new bag of tricks and songs. A true troubador, par excellence, Bryan Jones is always creating and crafting more words and songs that he kindly shares with us today. He has a song for literally EVERY occasion, even if sometimes he says it’s about something but it really isn’t! It’s a truly amazing talent.

Buffalo Moses, aka Bryan Jones, singing passionately while playing guitar.
Buffalo Moses and his Aggressive Falsetto

While this good time buddy is solo on the show this week, he is actually here shilling for his newest project – Buffalo Moses and His Ex-Wives (Rachel McElhiney; Ivan Gates; Zack Howarth; Bryan Daines). They have plans to get out in front of people this summer and fall, including playing Offbeat Fest and a show TONIGHT, 06/24/22 at the Loving Cup, playing with Farrow and the Peach Leaves. From what we hear, you will need extra pants and a second liver.

There’s a lot of great talking and weirdness on this episode – the wheels may or may not have come off. We also get a look behind the scenes and hear about the evolution of Otter Pop shows – who is the creator? The world may never know. As always, good folks, good talks, good music – great show.

Take a moment to hug someone or tell someone you love them – Life is short; we love you.

Thanks for listening.

Jade Moschino – Vagazzled – S12 E17

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jade Moschino - Vagazzled - S12 E17

NSFW to the max. Continuing our long running tradition of bringing you all sides of the Reno music scene, we have probably one of the MOST NSFW episodes we have ever published. The trigger warnings have trigger warnings. Two Live Crew would blush at some of these songs; ODB would make his children leave the room when these tracks come on.

Jade Moschino in a camisole with hearts that read "fuck" sewn over each nipple.
Jade Moschino

Behind the raunchy lyrics is Jade Moschino, a Reno-based drag queen and rapper. She has six years into the rap game, and I can honestly say, I’ve never heard anything like her. As our first episode for pride month, Jade is like a brick through a plate-glass window – unexpected and devastating. Jade is joined by friend and hype man, Joshua. Strong an silent, he holds back a little on the show, but opens up more during the quiz.

Joshua, the hype man, in a patterned red. gold, and black shirt

Coming up this weekend is a world of fun in the Reno scene including Mixed Bill Friday at Davidsons’ Distillery, the opening weekend of Clue – On Stage at Bruka, and Mentally ILL -SE Comedy at Alturas

Thanks for Listening!

Alexander Korostinsky – Musically Prolific Kind of Life – S12 E16

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Alexander Korostinsky - Musically Prolific Kind of Life - S12 E16

Question: What do Dainsley, The John Whites, The Sextones, What It Do, and What It Do Archive have in common? Answer: Alexander Korostinsky
This weeks guest (and Nicks neighbor) has been playing, recording, and exploring music and engineering since his youth.

Alexander Korostinsky, hands clasped, mildly smiling in the studio
Alexander Korostinsky

We get a sample from each of the aforementioned bands Alexander is in, and an exclusive preview of his new Solo 45 dropping in June. Dogwater Dick was loving every minute of the show analyzing each tracks recording technique, much to Alexander’s delight. So the episode is a bit audio geeky but not so bad that us muggles couldn’t comprehend. In fact it’s a real insight into recording to tape, various sizes, panning techniques to give a track a dated sound, etc. Alexander’s appreciation for production, be it low fi  or state of the art, or a combination of both, is inspiring. It’ll make you hear records, especially old ones in a bigger more specific way. It’s easy to see why he seems almost addicted to it all… the process.

Anna wearing a black t-shirt and showing a wide-mouthed smile in the studio

Alexander has made music his profession playing and producing right from his home. Soul, indie rock, jazz, funk and even a Spaghetti western soundtrack concept album (The Black Stone Affair, by What It Do Archive) are all comfortably in his wheelhouse. We were blown away by Alexander’s tracks as well as his stories of writing, recording, hustling, getting on labels, and how who you know and persistence are key to success. It’s a great episode with a musical wizard from right here in our own backyard. Press play to see what we mean.

Pongo, a small white fluffy dog
Pongo, the dog

Thanks for listening.

Justin Larkin – Suitcase Kickdrum – S12 E25

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Justin Larkin - Suitcase Kickdrum - S12 E25

Our guest this week hails all the way from Springfield, Missourah. Travelling troubador, Justin Larkin, has travelled the earths to play for you today. You may have caught him this past week at the Shoe Tree, but by the time this is published, he likely has left the area and is delighting people elsewhere.

Justin Larkin, wearing a grey t-shirt that reads "get out of jail free" and cutoff jean shorts, sitting on his suitcase kick drum, wearing a harmonica, and holding a guitar, smiling broadly
Justin Larkin

Justin is a kindred spirit to any in the Reno music scene – playing all the instruments and with all the musicians. He brings a homegrown grittiness to his songs that definitely sounds like home to Reverend Rory. Justin is also the cousin of our own homegrown virtuoso, Michelle Belle, and the show includes a visit from her as well.

Michelle Belle in a loose rose t-shirt sitting by a window, wearing headphones and smiling behind a microphone
Michelle Belle

It’s a full studio this week – full of people and stories. We get in to the big festival of a few weeks ago, the John Waters show, and get to hang out with not one, but two Ians.

Anna leaning in from the side and waving at the camera, Ian Lauchlin in a green shirt and sitting in the background with the other Ian in the foreground giving a thumbs up from over his shoulder.
Anna, Ian, and Ian

Unfortunately, we also say goodbye this week to an important and bright star in the Reno underground – Kahele Dunn. A sister, friend, and scene-mom to many, she passed away this week. Our hearts are with her brother, Kula, and anyone whose life she touched (and there were many). A big giver of big hugs, Kahele would be hugging us all firmly this week. Hug your loved ones.

a modified vintage leather suitcase with a snare drum head and license plate (Missouri) attached to one side with two kick pedals attached for playing them. It is covered in stickers and has a bottle opener also attached on the side
Suitcase Kickdrum

Thanks for listening.

NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Coming in hot at 3 weeks old, NULYPHE Ensemble (like New Life) is a funky jazzy hip hop outfit focused on the jam and the message.


Their name is an acronym for: Navigating Upward Loving Your Physical Human Existence. So yes: they focus on the positive and the goal of uniting, collaborating, and passing knowledge on to the next generations. Headed by Jywanza Scott-Jackson on vocals and backed by Matt Roemer on bass and Johnny Yocum on guitar, (their drummer couldn’t make the podcast) NULYPHE draw you in with the groove.


Jywanza rhymes philosophical life lessons and spontaneous explanations for the meaning in the now. His positive energy is infectious. Matt and Johnny are new to Reno from Tahoe where they’re established in the metal scene. Listen for more!


We recap RPRFM, John Waters and Nick’s mostly positive review of his experience at the Paul McCartney concert. We had a great time with these newcomers who are not only highly recommended by the Spike McGuire but have also been very well received at their first few gigs (and at our little podcast!).
Listen till the end for Ian’s hot picks for the weekend and where and when to check out NULYPHE Ensemble!

Thanks for listening !

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