Buffalo Moses – Antique Camera

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Buffalo Moses - Antique Camera

Buffalo Moses comes around again, bringing with him a whole new bag of tricks and songs. A true troubador, par excellence, Bryan Jones is always creating and crafting more words and songs that he kindly shares with us today. He has a song for literally EVERY occasion, even if sometimes he says it’s about something but it really isn’t! It’s a truly amazing talent.

Buffalo Moses, aka Bryan Jones, singing passionately while playing guitar.
Buffalo Moses and his Aggressive Falsetto

While this good time buddy is solo on the show this week, he is actually here shilling for his newest project – Buffalo Moses and His Ex-Wives (Rachel McElhiney; Ivan Gates; Zack Howarth; Bryan Daines). They have plans to get out in front of people this summer and fall, including playing Offbeat Fest and a show TONIGHT, 06/24/22 at the Loving Cup, playing with Farrow and the Peach Leaves. From what we hear, you will need extra pants and a second liver.

There’s a lot of great talking and weirdness on this episode – the wheels may or may not have come off. We also get a look behind the scenes and hear about the evolution of Otter Pop shows – who is the creator? The world may never know. As always, good folks, good talks, good music – great show.

Take a moment to hug someone or tell someone you love them – Life is short; we love you.

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Jade Moschino – Vagazzled

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jade Moschino - Vagazzled

NSFW to the max. Continuing our long running tradition of bringing you all sides of the Reno music scene, we have probably one of the MOST NSFW episodes we have ever published. The trigger warnings have trigger warnings. Two Live Crew would blush at some of these songs; ODB would make his children leave the room when these tracks come on.

Jade Moschino in a camisole with hearts that read "fuck" sewn over each nipple.
Jade Moschino

Behind the raunchy lyrics is Jade Moschino, a Reno-based drag queen and rapper. She has six years into the rap game, and I can honestly say, I’ve never heard anything like her. As our first episode for pride month, Jade is like a brick through a plate-glass window – unexpected and devastating. Jade is joined by friend and hype man, Joshua. Strong an silent, he holds back a little on the show, but opens up more during the quiz.

Joshua, the hype man, in a patterned red. gold, and black shirt

Coming up this weekend is a world of fun in the Reno scene including Mixed Bill Friday at Davidsons’ Distillery, the opening weekend of Clue – On Stage at Bruka, and Mentally ILL -SE Comedy at Alturas

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Alexander Korostinsky – Musically Prolific Kind of Life – S12 E16

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Alexander Korostinsky - Musically Prolific Kind of Life - S12 E16

Question: What do Dainsley, The John Whites, The Sextones, What It Do, and What It Do Archive have in common? Answer: Alexander Korostinsky
This weeks guest (and Nicks neighbor) has been playing, recording, and exploring music and engineering since his youth.

Alexander Korostinsky, hands clasped, mildly smiling in the studio
Alexander Korostinsky

We get a sample from each of the aforementioned bands Alexander is in, and an exclusive preview of his new Solo 45 dropping in June. Dogwater Dick was loving every minute of the show analyzing each tracks recording technique, much to Alexander’s delight. So the episode is a bit audio geeky but not so bad that us muggles couldn’t comprehend. In fact it’s a real insight into recording to tape, various sizes, panning techniques to give a track a dated sound, etc. Alexander’s appreciation for production, be it low fi  or state of the art, or a combination of both, is inspiring. It’ll make you hear records, especially old ones in a bigger more specific way. It’s easy to see why he seems almost addicted to it all… the process.

Anna wearing a black t-shirt and showing a wide-mouthed smile in the studio

Alexander has made music his profession playing and producing right from his home. Soul, indie rock, jazz, funk and even a Spaghetti western soundtrack concept album (The Black Stone Affair, by What It Do Archive) are all comfortably in his wheelhouse. We were blown away by Alexander’s tracks as well as his stories of writing, recording, hustling, getting on labels, and how who you know and persistence are key to success. It’s a great episode with a musical wizard from right here in our own backyard. Press play to see what we mean.

Pongo, a small white fluffy dog
Pongo, the dog

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Justin Larkin – Suitcase Kickdrum

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Justin Larkin - Suitcase Kickdrum

Our guest this week hails all the way from Springfield, Missourah. Travelling troubador, Justin Larkin, has travelled the earths to play for you today. You may have caught him this past week at the Shoe Tree, but by the time this is published, he likely has left the area and is delighting people elsewhere.

Justin Larkin, wearing a grey t-shirt that reads "get out of jail free" and cutoff jean shorts, sitting on his suitcase kick drum, wearing a harmonica, and holding a guitar, smiling broadly
Justin Larkin

Justin is a kindred spirit to any in the Reno music scene – playing all the instruments and with all the musicians. He brings a homegrown grittiness to his songs that definitely sounds like home to Reverend Rory. Justin is also the cousin of our own homegrown virtuoso, Michelle Belle, and the show includes a visit from her as well.

Michelle Belle in a loose rose t-shirt sitting by a window, wearing headphones and smiling behind a microphone
Michelle Belle

It’s a full studio this week – full of people and stories. We get in to the big festival of a few weeks ago, the John Waters show, and get to hang out with not one, but two Ians.

Anna leaning in from the side and waving at the camera, Ian Lauchlin in a green shirt and sitting in the background with the other Ian in the foreground giving a thumbs up from over his shoulder.
Anna, Ian, and Ian

Unfortunately, we also say goodbye this week to an important and bright star in the Reno underground – Kahele Dunn. A sister, friend, and scene-mom to many, she passed away this week. Our hearts are with her brother, Kula, and anyone whose life she touched (and there were many). A big giver of big hugs, Kahele would be hugging us all firmly this week. Hug your loved ones.

a modified vintage leather suitcase with a snare drum head and license plate (Missouri) attached to one side with two kick pedals attached for playing them. It is covered in stickers and has a bottle opener also attached on the side
Suitcase Kickdrum

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NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
NULYPHE Ensemble-Onward and Upward! S12 E14

Coming in hot at 3 weeks old, NULYPHE Ensemble (like New Life) is a funky jazzy hip hop outfit focused on the jam and the message.


Their name is an acronym for: Navigating Upward Loving Your Physical Human Existence. So yes: they focus on the positive and the goal of uniting, collaborating, and passing knowledge on to the next generations. Headed by Jywanza Scott-Jackson on vocals and backed by Matt Roemer on bass and Johnny Yocum on guitar, (their drummer couldn’t make the podcast) NULYPHE draw you in with the groove.


Jywanza rhymes philosophical life lessons and spontaneous explanations for the meaning in the now. His positive energy is infectious. Matt and Johnny are new to Reno from Tahoe where they’re established in the metal scene. Listen for more!


We recap RPRFM, John Waters and Nick’s mostly positive review of his experience at the Paul McCartney concert. We had a great time with these newcomers who are not only highly recommended by the Spike McGuire but have also been very well received at their first few gigs (and at our little podcast!).
Listen till the end for Ian’s hot picks for the weekend and where and when to check out NULYPHE Ensemble!

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Deep Inside John Waters – A Special Edition of WLP

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Deep Inside John Waters - A Special Edition of WLP

Filth fans, rejoice! Somehow, our shitty little podcast was able to score an opportunity to speak with one of our heroes, in media and real life, John Waters. If you are unfamiliar, John Waters is an American filmmaker, writer, director, actor, and pubic speaker, with a career spanning 7 decades. His influence on American culture and films is undeniable and profound.

b/w stock headshot of John Waters, smirking at camera in a dark suit
John Waters

This episode does not feature local music and is strictly an interview. Possibly the GREATEST interview of our 12 years. We talk about the first and last time, John was in Reno; festivals and drugs; and of course his upcoming speaking engagement, “False Negative” at Cargo Concert Hall on May 20th. Tickets are going fast, so we definitely recommend that you RUN, not walk to order your tickets now. There will also be an after party at The Elbow Room, featuring Thee Saturday Knights, One Ton Dually, The Juvinals, and Eddie and the Subtitles.

Rick Spagnola standing in front of a decorated stage at the SF area event "Burger Boogaloo" with JO\ohn Waters, onstage, speaks to the audience in a red leopard print suit.
So close, yet so far….

Enough with the intro – enjoy the show!~
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Roxxy Collie – And Your Bird Can Sing S12 E12

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Roxxy Collie - And Your Bird Can Sing S12 E12

Welcom back, music fans! This week we have the beautiful rock music of Roxxy Collie.
A female fronted quintet, Roxxy Collie has a full rich sound , deep lyrics and humor. They’ve been called ‘art rock’ and ‘chillcore’, they’re very unique for sure.

The lineup is Margy Ford, the songbird, Jon Cornell on keyboard, Stephen on electric guitar, Nick Ramirezon beats, and their newest member, Larry Cooper, on bass and background vocals.
We discuss Dogwater Dick’s weekend, dead birds, song lyrics and the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market among other things.

We get a bunch of new material from the band and a sweet Duran Duran cover at the end.
Sending our love and positive energy to our good friends and fellow musicians, Tom Plunkett and Andy Hernandez, both in the ICU at the time of this writing. Hang in there rockers. We love you.

Thanks for listening!

Cruel Ultimatum – The Art of Vincemilking 12 E11

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Cruel Ultimatum - The Art of Vincemilking 12 E11

Are you ready to rage? Down to get a little funked up? These are horrible lead-up cliches to describe this weeks guest, but I truly mean it when I say there is nothing else like Cruel Ultimatum right now in all the land (of Northern Nevada)!

Evan Lantto, facing the wal to sing, Jim Morrison style
Evan Ultimatum

Formed in the uncertain times of the pandemic, Cruel Ultimatum has only been playing out for about 9 months, but they have definitely come in hot to the local music scene. Cruel Ultimatum is Evan Ultimatum (vocals), Haley Ultimatum (guitar), Scotty Ultimatum (drums) and Daddy Ultimatum (bass). They are a powerviolence hardcore band that have quickly gained a diverse fanbase, spanning the ages.

Jacob playin guitar in a shot that looks down the neck of is guitar
Haley Ultimatum

They are also a blast to hang out with – we are in tears at a few points in this show. I really can’t say much more about it without spoiling the episode, but to was a really great time and we hope you think so too. Their songs are creatively layered and dynamic, shifting gears and time signature smoothly and effortlessly. The strong and aggressive music is complemented by the original lyrics penned by Evan, as if by magic. They gather together as a band and putt on a hell of a performance.

Emilio with long bushy wavy hair and glasses, has his head tilted back while playing drums
Scotty Ultimatum

Please don’t forget to get your tickets to the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market. Really, as your spiritual advisor, I recommend following that link (and this link) and buying the 2-day pass for $8 – it’s a great deal. And if you like what we do, please visit our Patreon page and subscribe to help us keep the lights on.

Skylaar Lash in a western style shirt playing bass
Daddy Ultimatum

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Eric Marks and Sprocket – Sick, Sad World S12 E10

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Eric Marks and Sprocket - Sick, Sad World S12 E10

Hello, loyal listeners! Rev. Rory here and it’s good to be back from my sojourn deep into the land of Navel Contemplation. As usual, a lot on tonight’s show was completely unexpected – including my appearance on the Patreon portion of the show (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, follow the link and subscribe). It really is great to be back on the bus with my podcast cohorts and friends.

Jessi 'Sprocket' Janusee, laughing with crossed legs in striped leggings , a black hoodie, and red bandanna

First up, we take some time to talk with Jessi ‘Sprocket’ Janusee, Communications Director at The Generator and Founder of the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market, a dynamic makerspace extravaganza, now celebrating it’s 5th year! The Generator has just opened at it’s new location this year – a warehouse space almost twice the size of the last, leading to more opportunity for controlled chaos and fun. The event is going to be pretty insane, with everything from local art vendors to a regional punk rock band lineup with over 25 acts to Drag Queen Story Time for the kiddos to a pugil stick gladiator ring and much much more. It’s really one of the best local events around – and you can’t beat the price $5 per day or $8 for both days, leeaving you that much more money to buy local art! And if you’re interested, you can inquire about becoming a member of The Generator and taking advantage of all their makerspace and educaiton al opportunities throughout the whole year!

Eric Marks, smiling broadly in an orange t-shirt, posing with the microphone, leaning to his right
Eric Marks

We also welcome back to the show our good friend, Eric Marks. Eric is the bassist for Enslave the Creation, a local technical metal band, and that’s how you met him before. But! There is so much more to this restless creative. In addition to bassing, Eric is also a well known photojournalist whose images have appeared in many local magazines and journals (Reno News and Review, This Is Reno, Reno Tahoe Tonight). He is also the lens behind the images of Reno Street Photography, a more artistic and ground-level view of some of the corners of our fair city. We talk a lot about his work over the years.

(L to R) Jessi 'Sprocket' Janusee, Kadillac Kim, Nick Ramirez, Eric Marks and Reverend Rory Dowd smiling and crowding in for a group photo
Jessi ‘Sprocket’ Janusee, Kadillac Kim, Nick Ramirez, Eric Marks and Reverend Rory Dowd

If you’re keeping your ear to the ground, you probably already know this, but in case you don’t: Psychedelic Jazz Rock Group, Apollo Suns, from Winnipeg MB Canada, is rolling through Reno on April 14th for their “Relationships of Force Tour”. The group is absolutely going to blow your mind and the doors off at The Elbow Room in Sparks. Starting at 8:30, local Nuclear Funk group (and upcoming podcast guests), Phat Mark, will open up the night and get you feeling right! Follow this link for details!

That’s all I know, folks. SO, as usual: Thanks for Listening

JustUs – the JustUs League! S12- E9

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
JustUs - the JustUs League! S12- E9

In our third installment of Woman’s March we get heavy with the Reno metal scene’s newest super heroes: JustUs. Female fronted by the powerful vocal stylings of Stevie Bxo, this thrash metal quartet are tight and ready to tour in June. From the hiatus of such bands as Infecto Skeletons, Saber Tooth Dragon, and The Damn Ole Band, guitarist Myke Read and drummer Andrew Hockenberry, found themselves facing an ultimatum, become a metal band or lose their singer in their outlaw country band. Sooooo…They conjured tasty licks and grooves, switched it up and the rest is history.


They had been performing as a three piece but recently added bass player Insun Blemel, who really beefs the whole thing up. Of course just as their name suggests they are out for justice. They want the music to address the injustices they see on the daily. Stevie’s words sung with strong passion and conviction, waver from a softer cry to the roar of an angry monster. It was really cool to see up close. We get their origin story, a bunch of songs, and newbies Stevie and Insun play the quiz head to head. Meanwhile, since they’ve played so many times, Myke panels with us and Andrew sits it out. We had a blast and if you’re down with the metal you’ll have a blast with JustUs! Thanks for listening and JustUs for all! 

Stevie Bxo – Vocals
Bass player sits in music studio holding instrument intensely.
Insun Blemel – Bass
Myke Read – Guitar/
Andrew Hockenberry – Drums
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