Jason Hollis – Industrial Age – S12 E30

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jason Hollis - Industrial Age - S12 E30

Hey, kids: Do you like Nine Inch Nails? Ministry? Skinny Puppy? Foetus? If so, put on your dancing boots because this episode is for you. We are joined by longtime Renoite, now a Midwest émigré, Jason Hollis. Through the miracle of Zoom we were able to catch up a bit with the founder of Reno Noise Night/MEAT and hear his musical projects RetCon and Endif.

Jason Hollis, bald and wearing glasses and over-ear headphones, DJ-ing in a black shirt with white print that reads "I see the assassins have failed."
Jason Hollis/ENDIF/RetCon

Dogwater Dick and Jason share their longtime connection to each other and everything gothic/industrial. Jason loves the big city life and has been playing shows and festivals all over, including Minneapolis, Chicago, New Jersey, and Detroit, keeping asses moving to his special brand of sight and sound. We get his take on true industrial music, opening for Front 242, Reno of yore and a really fun Worst Little Quiz.
We close out with a track by 19 year old Rick and Jason dug up in real time, on the show. Amazing. A Cure cover-y thing, no less!

It’s great to see a Reno artist still killing it out in the world. Thanks for spending a Monday night with us Jason. Also a big “thank you, listeners” for being here with us!

Life is short and we love you!

Last One Down – Big R.A.F Energy – S12 E29

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Last One Down - Big R.A.F Energy - S12 E29

And we’re back! (once again…) Shifting directly into high gear, we have most of a great, high-energy band on this week. 3/4 of Last One Down was able to join us in the studio and play some tracks from their latest release, “Failing Dreams.” If you like 90s punk; if you like pop punk; if you like skate punk, you’re going to dig their sound.

Andy with a goofy smile, wearing a black and grey tye-died last one down hoodie

Last One Down has been around for a couple of years, but have been making some waves for themselves in 2022. They are ‘of an age’ of many of the fans and hosts of the show and their music reflects that – nostalgic and new at the same time. The Rev felt transported, back to the 90s when life was irresponsible and credit scores were a thing other people worried about. For the regular listeners of the show – these guys came ready to play (and I don’t think they’re listeners, just naturally a little twisted). We also have a segment where we try some Taco Truck flavored jelly beans – this is peak fake radio stuff!


Lost of shows on the calendar to promote this week: First up, we want to make sure everyone knows about the D.R.I. 40th anniversary tour at the Elbow Room on October 25. Get your tickets now and lets all show up for some great fucking punk rock. This weekend though our pick is One Ton Dually with Heterophobia and Deaf Animals over at the Cellar Stage on Friday Night. The very next night, check out an exclusive engagement at the Cellar Stage with Voted Best Band & Guests (fuckin love those guys). …Honestly, it’s late and we promoted a bunch of shows at the end of this episode, so … listen for yourself (and we’ll post links as we get closer to everything, like Marianarchy and The Flea.)

DOnny, bald and throwing rock horns, wearing a Nevada Basketball hoodie

Anyway – enjoy the show and thanks for Listening!

WLP On The Road #2: Bus Driver – S12 E28

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
WLP On The Road #2: Bus Driver - S12 E28

WLP ON THE ROAD: Nick Drives the Bus for Eddie and the Subtitles

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another WLP on the road episode!
This time out Nick is tapped to drive the bus for Eddie and the Subtitles! (for this blog their name shall henceforth be referred to as EatS!)

Join us as legendary SoCal punk rocker Eddie Subtitle (born and bread in Reno!) takes a mini tour to Pacifica and San Francisco California.
It’s a short but sweet romp with a really fun band.

Nick Ramirez 2 and Eddie hanging out with a copy of Skeletons in the closet
Nick 2 and Eddie

We visit a taqueria, check out the venues, hit the beach and hear live music from EatS, including an exclusive preview of new material.

la punk band the Control freaks playing onstage b/w pic
control freaks

We get a minute with lead Control Freak (also from The Rip-Offs) Greg Lowery , who was totally stoked to be playing with EatS. Mikie shares a stage moment and we hit Ikedas in Auburn on the way home for a heaven scented conclusion to a really fun weekend with friends.

The Shames at Rockaway Beach

Again a shout out to Dogwater Dick for the awesome post production razzmatazz.
Life is short and we love you!
Thanks for listening.

Bromancing the Stone – S12 E27

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Bromancing the Stone - S12 E27

WLP ON THE ROAD: Nick and Rory’s bromantic encounter with MC Chris

Rev and Nick

Welcome loyal listeners to a very special episode of the Worst Little Podcast! A bold new “ on the road“ approach to episodes is experimented with by our hosts Nick and Rory on their first solo(no wives) Bromantic adventure to see The Randy Savages, Crunk Witch and the legendary nerd core rapper MC Chris at the Blue Lagoon in Santa Cruz. There and back, like Sam and Frodo! Their mount Doom? A (quick) interview with MC Chris, a high wizard of words, casting magic spells penetrating your ears and winding their way to your heart, was the goal and it was achieved!

MC Chris

For those who don’t know, MC Chris is a rapper out of New York who started in the mid ‘90’s. With his unique style and high pitched voice, he skillfully spits bars about Star Wars, D&D, partying, mac and cheese, sex and candy, whatever suits his fancy. He’s gained notoriety cast as MC Pee Pants on Adult Swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force and writing theme songs for Kevin Smith Podcasts as well as having his songs in Smith’s films.

The Randy Savages

Our hosts talk about Star Trek versus Star Wars and how they met back in the late ‘90s. There’s also a quick visit with Ragg Mopp, Jesse Kotu Williams from the Randy Savages and the man we came to see MC Chris! There’s a visit from drunk Rory and a review of the night. ( “Oh, jfc” – sober Rory, weeks later…)

Ragg Mopp and Rev

It was a blast making this special episode. Kudos to our own wizard, Dogwater Dick for the sweet post production and keeping the long winding boring bits out of it! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening!

Kat Heart’s Fresh Hot Mess – Get You Some -S12 E26

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Kat Heart's Fresh Hot Mess - Get You Some -S12 E26

As summer winds down, our guests this week are still heating things up with their sexy, sexy music. Kat Heart’s Fresh Hot Mess brings it good. A foursome congealed out of dreams and desire, they keep a busy schedule in different configurations. (This sounds sexual, but it totally is not)


This is a sexy sexy band, though – and I mean the music AND the people. We have a great time talking with them, talking shit about booking shows, how they all met and how The Saxman helped put this together. They are a rhythm and rock band, so find someone you want to grind on and put it in your ear.

Thanks for listening

Trouble Show – Get Your One-Way Ticket – S12 E25

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Trouble Show - Get Your One-Way Ticket - S12 E25

It’s a great week here at the Worst Little Podcast. We welcome back our co-conspirator and cohost, Kadillac Kim! We also welcome into the hallowed Dogwater Studios, Reno’s own Trouble Show, a blues rock band that has also survived the trials of the pandemic and is ready to rock your face.

Brek Lee Durham, bearded bald and in glasses, singing and playing rhythm guitar.
Brek Lee Durham

Trouble Show is Brek Lee Durham, Chris Simpson, Greg Souviron, and, unsurprisingly, Kyle Visco. THey had just gotten things dialed in as a band before The Shutdown and were able to keep it going. They have recently released their first EP “Split the Difference”, available digitally in all the regular places.

Chris Simpson smiling from behind his drums
Chris Simpson

Their dance card is pretty open right now, but their roadhouse sound and tight execution would round out many a bill. We look forward to seeing them next at the upcoming Marianarchy XVIII: A Benefit for Andy Hernandez, but if you’ve got a slot to fill, give em an ol’ ring-a-ding-ding on the Messenger.

A blurry picture of a smiling Greg Souviron behind his black bass.
Greg Souviron

Speaking of shows, There are a few happening this weekend: One Ton Dually Will be opening for Snailmate and Deplete at The Cellar on Friday night on a mixed-bill show. you are not going to want to miss Rock Against Racism: A Mutual Aid Benefit Show featuring none other than the Cobra Skulls with Fleshies and local support THeeeeeee Saturday Knights, Action Bastard!!, and Pussy Velour. Fuck. That’s a sweet lineup.

Kyle Visco flashing rock horns and sticking his tongue out behind a guitar.
Kyle Visco

Trouble Show is a great sounding band that you should definitely keep on your radar. I know we will.

Thanks for listening.

Up from the Cellar: Dennis McDonald Picks 6 – S12 E24

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Up from the Cellar: Dennis McDonald Picks 6 - S12 E24

This weeks episode is brought to you by The Cellar at Alturas’ live show booker, sound man, public relations director, and a local musicians best friend, Dennis McDonald . He and his son Uriah stopped by ye olde Dogwater Studios to discuss the ins and outs, highs and lows, ups and downs of a ten year run putting on shows of all kinds. It’s a great story about a passionate music man who is in it for all the right reasons.

Dennis wearing a Cellar Stage baseball jersey and giving the devil horns to the camera while mugging for the camera.
Dennis McDonald

We hear tracks from local bad-asses Grimedog, Murderock, Machine Gun Vendetta, KANAWHA, The Grimtones, and Elephant Rifle! Each track we hear comes with a great story, often with a personal, and a touching reason behind the pick.

Preteen Uriah in a Hurley shirt and smiling with a closed mouth
Uriah McDonald

We love doing these showcase episodes and we hope you enjoy hearing them. Visit the Cellar stage at Alturas and say hi to Dennis, the man making it all happen. Thanks for listening! 

Reno’s Phat Mark : Pretty, Hot, And Tempting

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Reno’s Phat Mark : Pretty, Hot, And Tempting

The six headed beast, Phat Mark, is a little like a cult; if you ask for, “Phat Mark” they respond, “We are all Mark.” Don’t let that scare you off, they’re not looking to recruit. They’re just hilarious folks who play jazzy funk pieces: keys, bass, drums , and horns!! The tech crew (Annamouse, Ian, and Dogwater Dick) had a huge set up for this sweet treat of an episode.

Jarod, Morgan, Casey, Vincenzo, Andrew and Dusty of Phat Mark, all standing together, arms over shoulders
Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark, Mark and, of course, Mark

Birthed from the ashes of GLM’s production of Young Frankenstein, Phat Mark have put together a killer, group of grooves. Soothing, but funky and full; changing time signatures and keys, always keeping it interesting. We have Casey on trumpet and vocals, Morgan slapping the bass, Jarod with the saxophone, Vincenzo hitting the keyboard, Andrew mouthing up the trombone, and Dusty bringing it home on the drums. (We’ve been advised bout our attorney to leave out their last names until the statute of limitations is up.)

Casey Smith, giving the camera a chin-out smirk while wearing a drab green t-shirt. black hair and goatee
Casey Mark

All in their twenties, Phat Mark are ready to have a good time. I personally imagine dancing for hours at their shows (which are often long sets up to 3 hours long). They’re on fire, hungry, and classically trained to funk your freakin’ socks off. And best of all: They are Reno as funk. Catch them ASAP.

Nick Ramirez, arms crossed, looking sideways at the camera with a disappointed look on his face, wearing a 'Clerks" uniform shirt, Mooby hat and long silver hair
Nick is barely amused

As usual, the hosts share their weekend, we get a super mini quiz and Rick embarrasses Nick with some ancient audio drops from the vault. A truly funked up time was had by all. Thanks for listening.

Life is short and we love you. Peace!

Tom, Nick and Dave – Man Solo – S12 E22

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Tom, Nick and Dave - Man Solo - S12 E22

Fully loaded episode, please. All three toppings, please.

That’s right: THREE guests this week, each with their own solo album. And by “solo album” we mean it – each of these musical monsters have largely played all the parts on their albums, in addition to writing the whole durn thing.

Tom Odenheimer tilting his chin at the camera, challengingly, with a grey beard snf blsvk patched ballcap and black cutoff t-shirt

First up, we welcome back Tom Odenheimer of Ugly Orphans who lets his hair down with his alter ego, Thamvz, in a little cozy black metal project, Sinn Demonisk. The album, “Humanity’s Cycle” is just a little grindy something to soothe the blackest corners of the hole that was left when you lost your soul. Self-produced, recorded and mixed entirely on an iPhone, this is about as lo-fi as you can get. Play it loud; wake the neighbors. Available on all the usual digital places.

A selfie with Nick Ramirez smiling and squinting at the camera with long hair, black glasses and a backwards baseball cap ans Rev Rory leaning into the left side of the picture with a small smirk and short faded pink hair and over-ear headphones.
Nick Ramirez, with Rev creepin

We would be remiss if we did not recognize the achievements of our brother and co-host, Nick Ramirez (Roxxy Collie, One Ton Dually, and more). (again). As you may recall from Season 10 Episode 37, Nick recorded and released his album “This Might Be The End” during the pandemic. A combination retrospective and showcase, Ramirez put together some of his most successful and meaningful-to-him songs all in one place for you to find. Physical copies are still in very limited supply, but well worth it.

Dave Masu, smiling broadly
Dave Masud

The last album we talk about is the most recent – literally about a week old at the time of this writing. Good buddy, Dave Masud (Vampirates, Suckapunch, and more) has created and released an EP called “False Island”, a 5-song journey inside the mind of a Reno punk rock staple. I’ve been listening to it almost every day this week and I am a little smitten with it. Masud has put together a strong entry, complete with deep lyrics, ripper hooks, and quirky fun. If you’d like a copy of this on CD, you can show up to the hottest ticket this weekend, the almost-sold-out CD release show at The Cypress, where Masud has put together an amazing band of some of Reno’s best talents to back him in this presentation; also featured at the show are Heterophobia and Roxxy Collie.

THis was a really great episode – hopefully the start of a new series. If you’ve put out a solo album, get a hold of us, let’s talk process with you!

Thanks for listening.

The Sweet Life of Zack and Kody – Donkey Punch! – S12 E21

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Sweet Life of Zack and Kody - Donkey Punch! - S12 E21

Welcome back friends and faithful listeners! We welcome back a familiar duo!
You might remember them from such bands as The Letdowns, Frontier City Sounds, Viva Revenge, Los Pistoleros and Donkey Jaw! Zack Ryan and Kody McKinley have been rocking Reno together since they were kids. Well, they’re all grown up and killing it.

Zack Ryan

Zack has been at work with Dogwater Dick recording a solo album. They are also in Dave Masud’s  (Vampirates, Suckapunch, others) backup band for his upcoming solo Record Release at Cypress Saturday 7/30. Zack gives us some acoustic tunes and Cody came to chat. (if you’re a Patreon member you get a little Kody in your exclusive song) Donkey Jaw has new members in th emix, making their high energy punk rock sound much bigger. They return to the stage in October! We can’t wait.

Kody McKinley

We do the tangential thing with our old friends. Run some history of our encounters through the years, as well as a great little quiz. Check out Zack’s YouTube page with great content and tutorials.

Thanks to everyone who nominated us for the Reno News and Review’s Best Of Northern Nevada awards. Round two is up and we totally appreciate your vote. Thanks Reno and beyond. Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for Listening.

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