Episode 500 – LIVE – Heterophobia and Elephant Rifle – S13 E8

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Episode 500 - LIVE - Heterophobia and Elephant Rifle - S13 E8

It’s finally here! Our 500th Episode recorded in front of a live studio audience from the less-recent past. This was such a fun night and we are so happy so many of you could be there to share it with us! This was unlike any event any of us have ever put on before – and it came together like an A-Team plan.

We want to give a special thanks to our sound team for the night at Cypress: Ryan SPector, Todd Rold, and Rash Kader; also Tony Ashworth for mixing the episode. Our guests – Heterophobia and Elephant Rifle were on point and fantastic. Couldn’t have done it with out you all. WLP also would like to thank: Our listeners, guests, and Patreon supporters; The Reno News & Review, This is Reno, John Waters, Kevin Smith, MC Chris, Bobby Slayton, THe Don & Mike Show, Howard Stern, Marc Maron, Terry Gross, Ira Glass, Last Podcast on the Left, Zomboo, Max Volume, Jamie Woodham, Tom Gordon, Roman “Raggmopp” Dowd, Rick,”Sgt.” Baker, Spencer Kilpatrick, Nico Columbant, Wayne Wright and Reno Tahoe Comedy, Jess Danger, Fresh Bakin’, and Rocky Horror; Reno NV music makers, artists and podcasters; Eric Foreman, Sticker Guy!, Larry Cooper and FUEL, Marianarchy Productions, Reno Punk Rock Flea Market, Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor, The Shames, Pinky Polanski, Aversion Therapy, Evan Humphreys, Anyone who sent us a dollar to say their name; each other – We count on each other and every member of the Worst Little Podcast is vital to the show. Lord Stryse: webmaster, Rick”Dogwater Dick” Spagnola: Engineer, Host and Producer, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd: Host, Blogger/Editor and Producer, Nick Ramirez: Host, Blogger/Photos and Producer, Josh “Chewie” Martin: Host, and Producer, “Kadillac” Kim: Host, Co Producer (and former intern), Ian Laughlin: Host, Assistant Engineer, Co Producer (and former intern), Anna “Mouse” Hammond: Co Host, Production assistant, photos (and former intern), all our interns who came and went, our new intern Percy, and finally our families for the understanding, love and support.

WLP – The faces behind the voices – Ian, Chewie, Kadillac Kim, Anna, Rev. Rory, Nick, and Dogwater Dick

Thanks for listening to the first 500 episodes.

Grace Larkins and Sarah Hinz – Evolving Forward – S13 E7

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Grace Larkins and Sarah Hinz - Evolving Forward - S13 E7

We are on Week Two of our Annual WLP Women’s March and joining us are two ladies helping change Reno in surprising ways – Grace Larkins and Sarah Hinz. Grace you may know better musically as Grace Gatsby, a popular musical act a number of years ago, and we open and close this week’s show with her tracks.

Grace Larkins, smiling at the camera.
Grace Larkins

Grace has taken a step back from the stage in recent years, to focus on family and the needs of her daughter Lucy (with her partner and noted Reno musician, Stephen Larkins). Lucy was born with Nonketonic Hyperglycinemia, a rare genetic disorder that has profoundly affected her growth and development. Sean Baker, nephew of Larkins and aspiring filmmaker, recently put together a documentary of their journey and day-to-day lives, titled “We Love Lucy” We talk with Grace about that process and the status of the film.

Sarah Hinz wearing a white t-shirt with black print "Dog mom" where the "o" has a paw print in the middle
Sarah Hinz

Sarah Hinz is the Executive Director at Good Luck Macbeth. She replaced good friend of the show, Chris Daniels, as he moves on to other projects, and brings with herself a wealth of talent. In addition to guiding the theater’s season, Sarah is also heading up their “Elevate” initiative, which aims to purchase the local historic musicians union hall they currently rent and rehabilitate and redevelop the property into an accessible community performing arts center.

Chewie rounds out the show with another selection from his vault – the incomparable Stacy Tholle with Gunshot Likker. The guys also review some upcoming events on the Reno calendar (that may have already happened by the time of this posting).

Thanks for Listening

Roxxy Collie – Snow Day! – S13 E6

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Roxxy Collie - Snow Day! - S13 E6

(Due to the snow we received recently this show was barely pulled off. Braving the weather, a host and the band made it.)

Margy ford in a black shirt and pink scarf, smiling fo rthe camera
Margy Ford

Kicking off our annual celebration of Reno women on the scene, Women’s March brings us the sweet sounds of Roxxy Collie, a female-fronted quintet featuring the amazing vocal talent of Margy Ford. Songwriter and keyboardist Jon Cornell is joined by Jack Soft on guitar, Larry Cooper on bass, and WLP’s very own Nick Ramirez on drums, to form a quirky and dynamic rock band that highlights Margy’s vocals.

John Cornell, staring confidently from behind his keyboard
John Cornell

We talk about our weekend a little, discuss the options of an appropriate name for the  new album they’re working on, Jon’s unusual job and of course -birds!

Jack Soft, staring wide-eyed at the camera over his guitar
Jack Soft
Larry Cooper in a black t-shirt, playing bass
Larry Cooper

Margy asks the band some questions and gives us the upcoming show lowdown.
One of our favorite bands, it was a pleasure having them.

Nick Ramirez, leaning forward over his drumset at the camer
Nick Ramirez

You can catch Roxxy Collie March 25th at The Cellar at Alturas with The Will Shamberger Band and The Grimtones! (celebrating their 15th anniversary!)
Due to the weather most of the cast took the night off out of safety. Being able to bring you this weeks show was a real blessing. Viva Roxxy Collie and WLP!
Life is short and we love you!
Thanks for listening.

Irreplaceable Beings: Full Circle – S13 E5

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Irreplaceable Beings: Full Circle - S13 E5

This week’s guests are two of the most badass drummers has Reno ever produced. Pierre Marche, notably of Screeching Weasel, Suckapunch and Stevedave; and Jason Thomas of December, Cranium, Kate Cotter and many others.

3/4 front profile of Pierr looking across the room with a smirk
THE Pierre Marche

Pierre has put together a new EP and a new lineup for the band he fronts – Irreplaceable Beings.
The new lineup includes Jason in the drumpit. We dive right into their relationship that they’ve had since high school marching band. It’s an amazing journey through the Reno music scene.

Side view of Jason, calm but engace and smiling at the other side of the room.
Jason ‘Machinebeast” Thomas

Irreplaceable Beings newest release, Pasadena Ave, is super tight, poppy, aggressive punk rock, remaining sweet, funny and sincere as previous ones. Pierre is a pretty romantic guy. We hear a bit about how the record was made at Pus Cavern and a few songs that are all great.
You can catch them March 17 at the Matador in Reno for a St. Patrick’s Day punk rock show , with Last One Down and the legendary Suckapunch!

St. Patrick's Day Punk Rock Show featuring - Sucka Punch - Last 1 Down - Irreplaceable Beings - March 17 - Matador Lounge - $10 - 8pm - over 21 - 445 california ave, Reno, NV
St. Pat’s flyer

Chewie treats us all with a new segment where he brings in an old cassette from the early nineties and plays us a blast from the past on his Sony Walkman. This week’s “From Chewies Vault “ selection is the mighty GOB! Pierre in turn treats us to an epic story about GOB. It’s a great mix of now and then this week on WLP.

A Sony Walkman, Lagunitas Daytime, Bosses's Daughter EP and a casettee comp of Reno
Chewie’s Corner

Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening.

A Wormhole Could Kill Us All – Back From The Future – S13 E4

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
A Wormhole Could Kill Us All - Back From The Future - S13 E4

We are back from the future and have a few more episodes until we present our 500th extravaganza! Inching us closer this week are surf rockers A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, who we will henceforth refer to as AWCKUA (like ‘aqua’, because they’re surfing the cosmic hot dog water with their high energy music). Matt and Spencer on guitars, Lucas on bass and Bill on the skins. Matt also throws in some keyboard sometimes.

Spencer singing into a mic while plating guitar
Spencer Eldgridge

We haven’t seen AWCKUA on the show since 2019 and it was a real treat to hang (ten)with them again. They still have that cinematic sound. Their songs can transport you to the sea, the mountains and the galaxy!

Matt Bode on his knees playing guitar behind a keyboard.
Matt Bode

The guys were super fun and even shared some interesting cooking tips and recipes.
You can catch AWCKUA at Taste of Chicago with Spencer and Lucas’s other band, Two Man Lemmon Band on February 28th.

lucas grimes standing broudly with a pale blue bass
Lucas Grimes

Ian has your upcoming shows and Kadillac Kim is at it again with the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market’s upcoming Punk Rock Prom! Listen for details.

Bill Holford behind a drumkit
Bill Holford

Our Patreon members get a sweet Op Ivy cover this week!
Thanks for listening!

Attack of the Triflin’ B’s – S13 E3

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Attack of the Triflin’ B’s - S13 E3

This week we have half, or possibly two fifth’s, of Triflin’ Bitches: The mild-mannered Scott Sherwood on bass and local lunatic Logan Bongiovani on guitar and vocals. Unfortunately, the normally rock-solid drummer, Scott Hauder, couldn’t make it at the last minute (Nick adds some shakers and beatbox here and there). Also absent from the proceedings are the fingers and voices of John Frederick, the keyboardist. John has taken a gig in Hawaii and will be reuniting with the Bitches in half a year (for some half-naked, bad-decision fueled show, no doubt). In the meantime, the band will be shaking things up, having fun with new arrangements of their songs, and adding a female vocalist to the mix. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

Logan laughing talking into a mike, seated on a stool holding a guitar and a beer. Scott in a beanie and jacket looking at the camera neutrally
Scott and Logan

Logan gives us the low down on their new EP “Eu De Vistige” out now on bandcamp.  We have a fun quiz and we meet our new intern Percy! We also get some fully produced studio tracks!

Intern, Percy, face obscured by long wavy brunette hair. watches while Rick mixes music with his back to the camera, bald in a back t-shirt with obscured wording
Learning at the desk of the master

This Saturday 1/28/23 we will see you at our LIVE 500th episode show at Cypress in midtown with DJ StaxOfWax, Heterophobia, Elephant Rifle, the WLP crew, giveaways and fun! Come celebrate this milestone with us!

Logan smiling broadly on a chair with a red blanket covering it and sitting with Pongo, a white terrier
Pongo and Logan

Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening!

Jonathan Louis – Hand Solo – S13 E2

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jonathan Louis - Hand Solo - S13 E2

Welcome back, Renophiles! This week’s guests are session musicians Jonathan Louis and Darion Jordan from The Band Cell, friends of the show! The Band Cell has been on a few times before, which you can check out here and here. However, THIS time is even more specialer as we check out Jonathan’s solo drummer rock opera experience, “Power. Passion. Drums!”, relased with the new year.

cover art for Jonathan Louis' album, "Power Passion Drums", image of Jonathan yelling wearing Jeans and a black t-shirt that reads "I destroy silence" superimposed over pictures of drums and cymbals

Due to the snow and icy roads, we decided to have the show over Zoom. It’s always more fun in person but whatcha gonna do? Safety first! (or third) We make the best of it online with two of the nicest rippers of rock, prog, and humor in the Reno-Tahoe area. Join us for the fun and a little insanity.

closeup of Darion Jordan, hands clasped over an electric guitar stock,

…And join us for our 500th episode LIVE! at Cypress music hall in midtown Reno Saturday January 28th at 7pm with DJ StaxOfWax, Heterophobia, and ELEPHANT RIFLE! Hope to see you there!

Thanks for listening!

Boss’ Daughter – Endless PARTYTIME – S13 E1

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Boss' Daughter - Endless PARTYTIME - S13 E1

Happy New Year, friends and listeners! Welcome back!
We are so happy to have one of the hardest working bands out there kicking off Season 13! The honed and road tested Boss’ Daughter! Bossy D is Jamie Locks (drums), Danny Paul (bass), and Chris Fox (lead singer and guitar).
8 years deep in their prolific and seemingly endless adventures in punk rock, they’re recently signed onto a new label, SBAM RECORDS, released a new 7″ “Okay/Photography,” and have a busy tour schedule planned for 2023. They’re on fire and ready to party all over the US, starting with a ten day west coast stint that kicked off a few days after recording this show!

a bearded Chris Fox, standing and singing into a mic, with Danny Paul, seated and playing bass guitar
Chris Fox and Danny Paul

We’ve had the pleasure of checking in on this punk power trio since their inception. As well as with their various other projects, especially Chris (who’s been in like 69 bands I believe). They’re still fast, furious, deep, and hilarious.

Jamie Locks seated at a drumset that reads "PARTY" on the bass head
Jamie Locks

They are having a record release show at 40 Mile Saloon February 18th for the new album “Bouts With Bummers” which drops February 10th. We hear a bunch of songs from said record and a song called Bouts With Bummers that’s not on the album of the same name. You’ll just have to listen for why that is.
It was a high energy kick in the pants this week, that’s for sure.

Join us for our live 500th Episode celebration at Cypress music hall on Saturday January 28th 7pm with DJ StaxOfWax , Heterophobia and Elephant Rifle! See the event page on Facebook.
Life is short and we love you. It’s good to be back!

Thanks for listening!

Worst Little Holiday Special 2022

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Holiday Special 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at the Dogwater studios as we close out season 12 with our annual holiday family episode. That rare occasion that actual children are in the studio!

pauline looking adorable in pigtails and playing with beads
the adorable is strong with this one

We were bummed the Dowd’s caught a plague bug and couldn’t join the live show, but are pleased Reverend Rory could send a special message.

pauline with pongo, a white terrier
Pauline and Pongo

We have some merry tunes from Screeching Weasel, Last One Down , Kingwhistler, and Kittenhead!
New Year’s resolutions are made, love is shared , and we get the abridged tale of Elvis and Hamburger James as told by Dogwater Dick.

richard spagnola wearing headphones and a black shirt smiling at the camera

We just want to thank you all for listening and wish you and yours the merriest Christmas, bestest festivus or whatever you celebrate, and a happy prosperous New Year.

We’ll be back in January for Season 13 and Episode 500!
Thanks For Listening!

The Five-Timers Club – Back for More

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
The Five-Timers Club - Back for More

Some people just don’t know when to stay down. As we wrap up Season 12, we thought we’d close out with a round-up of our most frequent regular guests. At the suggestion of Josiah Knight, this week’s episode is exclusively guests who have been on the show at least five times in the last 12 years. In addition to our favorite murderhobo, Josiah, we are joined by Mark Earnest (Kanawha, Manchild), Jen Scaffidi (Blunderbusst, Wizard Colors), Dan Steinmetz (Thee Saturday Knights, Manchild), Spike McGuire (Loud As Folk), and Greg GIlmore (Greg Gilmore and the Fever Dreams, Loud As Folk). There’s even a track from Johnny Harpo, who couldn’t make it – but that’s exclusive to our Patreon subscribers, as you’ll come to find out. Repeatedly.

Jen Scaffidi a brunette woman in a black and white flannel shirt with a patch that reads "WLP Five Timer" sitting in front of a microphone with headphones on
Jen Scaffidi

This show is a lot of fun – a lot of jokes and reminiscing and a live track from Greg Gilmore opens the whole thing. Its a real treat to call all of these wonderful humans and noted musicians our friends, and to get a chance to sit down and talk with them like this.

Josiah Knight staring at the camera intently with a salt and pepper beard and tan beanie
Josiah Kinight
Greg Gilmore sitting and holding a white acoustic/electric guitar
Greg Gilmore
Dan Steinments in a black hoody looking at the camera pertly
Dan Steinmetz
Mark Earnest, in a blue plaid flannel, smiling placidly
Mark Earnest

Lots of great shows happening this weekend, and you’ll have to listen to hear our picks, but the one you should care about is the one that happens hours after this is published – The Holiday Hammering at The Cellar at Alturas. Brought to you by the Rock Solid Pressure Show, the evening’s entertainment includes performances from A Wormhole Could Kill Us All, One Ton Dually, FloodFireDeathDrought, and Manchild. IT’s aso a celebration for Nick and The Rev’s birthdays! So come through if you’re out in Reno tonight.

Spike McGuire, smiling broadly with an orange beanie that has a patch that reads "WLP FIVE TIMER"
Spike McGuire

Thanks for Listening!

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