Sad Giants

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast. This week we have brand new to us band Sad Giants in the studio. Kim took the week off but everyone else was there to ask these guys all the important, hilarious, and inappropriate questions you’ve come to expect from us. Press play!

Sad Giants is Bobby Benedict, Jesse Moran, and Quentin Young. They describe themselves as a power trio that kicks out the melodic rawness of Americana rock ala Springsteen or Petty, with a modern pop wit that twinges each song with its own unique catch – from 90s college rock to melodic punk. Big thanks to the band for hanging out with us. Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming show dates!

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The Sonic Dead Halloween Special

Hello and welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! We’ve got an extra spooky episode for you this week featuring our friends from Murderock and Candy Apples and the Razor Blades! Their new project is called the Sonic Dead and it’s as amazing as you’d expect from these seasoned rockers. Press play!

The Sonic Dead is: Fred McKennon (vox), Chris Alexander (guitar), Michael Ellis Robedeau (guitar), Keith Jewett (bass), Zach Johnson (drums), Bryan Cowell (acoustic guitar), and Olive Guzicki (backing vox). See them live November 8th at Shea’s with Franks & Deans and Just-In Beaver! Thanks to the Sonic Dead for being on this week’s show!

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Eddie and The Subtitles!

Welcome back! This week’s episode is short and sweet, featuring all new music from Eddie and The Subtitles and a special cameo from friend of the show and Reno singer-songwriter and poet, Matthew Howlett. We’re gonna talk about what all these crazy Reno kids have been up to. Press Play!

From the band: Originally from Reno, Eddie was living in L.A. in the late 70’s when the punk / hardcore scene exploded. Eddie and The Subtitles were an integral part of the early L.A. punk scene playing alongside The Germs, X, Black Flag, Middle Class, Bad Religion, The Gears etc.
Eddie and The Subtitles line-up is:
Eddie Subtitle on vocals/guitar, Benny on drums, Penny and Mikie (The Shames) on guitar and bass.

Thanks to all our guests for being here this week. We can’t do this show without you! Next week we’re back with everyone’s favorite spooky rockers, MURDEROCK! Thanks for listening!

Silver Is a Band!

Hello and welcome back to Reno’s Best Worst Little Podcast! This week we’re here with everyone’s favorite rock and roll band, Silver! They’re previewing their new EP, Let’s Talk Tomorrow About Last Night, and talking about their show happening on October 25th at the Pioneer Underground. Press play to hear some rad music from Silver, Travis Hayes (SF), and Reno’s own Buffalo Moses!

Formed in 2016, Silver describes themselves as a callback to great American Rock’n’Roll. With each member having varying backgrounds in folk, country, rock, punk, blues, and pop, a wide array of styles and influences come to play and color their diverse sound. Silver is Jeff Knight (drums), Brendon Lund (bass), Adam Landis (keys), Josh Kisor (lead guitar), Greg Gilmore (vocals, guitar).

Silver has released three music videos to date off their new EP, with another being released Monday, October 21st. View those videos and learn more about the band here! We’ll see you at the Pioneer Underground October 25th for Silver, Travis Hayes, and Buffalo Moses, hosted by Spike McGuire.

Thanks to Silver for hanging out! We’re back next week with Eddie and the Subtitles!

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