Redfield Clipper – Introspective Explosion

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Redfield Clipper - Introspective Explosion

The Year of COVID has been transformative for a lot of people. This week’s guest, Redfield Clipper, talks a lot about his own transformation into a new style of music, composing an album largely online and grappling with death. It’s a pretty heavy episode…

Redfield Clipper, Reno musician and songwriter, smiling proudly.

It’s also a really fun episode! Redfield regales us with stories of creating the music for the album “Death Anxiety” and the many projects he’s been involved with (like “Say Their Names” With Lily Baran). His own musical journey sees him drifting away from the hip-hop beats and more into the jazzy-jam realms of R&B. It’s a lot about growth and transformation, when we get down to it. (Bonus: Rick calls out Sir Paul McCartney’s bad songwriting.)

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Margy Ford – Powerhouse

Worst Little Podcast
Margy Ford - Powerhouse

We never said we were good at scheduling, which is why we are concluding our Women’s March in April (but it was recorded in March – really!). We are super excited to wrap things up with one of the great friends of the show, and all of us personally, the incredible singer, Margy Ford.

Margy Ford via Zoom giving a thumbs up
Margy Ford via Zoom

Margy Ford has been a mainstay of the Reno music scene for the better part of the last decade. Her strong singing talents and affable nature have pushed her into the limelight in bands like Candyshoppe, Satellite Serenade, Wheatstone Bridge and, of course, the contemporary Roxxy Collie. Plus, she’s just a blast to talk to .

We check in with her musical progress, as well as her recovery after a bad injury during the pandemic. When will the next Roxxy Collie album come out? You might just have to stay tuned…

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Jackie Dilworth – The Jackalope Speaks

Worst Little Podcast
Jackie Dilworth - The Jackalope Speaks

We continue Women’s March by inviting back to the show, the noted Northern Nevada writer, producer, and educator. That’s actually a really short list of things Jackie does – she’s an accomplished performer and a well known name in many communities throughout the state.

Jackie Dilworth at Dogwater Studios, in front of a movie poster of "Harvey"
Jackie Dilworth

Jackie is the host of The Jackalope Hour, a weekly music program broadcast from Goldfield, NV (and available on KWNK, mixcloud or ShoutingFire). The conversation ranges far and wide this week as Jackie is an eloquent conversationalist, the official unoffical Mayor of NadaDada and a woman of hidden talents. There is a lot of history and memories in this show, so buckle up and take your Metamucil for this trip down Memory Lane.

As a fellow audiophile, and with better access than us, Jackie was able to put together a playlist of some of her favorite female performers in the Reno area. For your musical enjoyment, we have a curated show with music from Lily Baran, Kung Fu Sophie, Roxxy Collie and Grace Hayes. It’s a delightful musical adventure with some good friends and powerful voices.

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Momo – That’s All You Need To Know

Worst Little Podcast
Momo - That's All You Need To Know

It’s not just the people on stage who make a scene happen – a ‘B-side’ to making shows happen. It’s also the promoters and booking agents who shed blood sweat and tears backstage, before, during and after every show. This week’s guest, Momo of Momo Promo, is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of being the go-between liason to venues and performers.

Momo Promo

We get a chance to talk to Momo about bringing shows to Reno, the good times and the bad. We also spend a moment talking about her new project, Hanging Out Thursdays, a videocast featuring interviews with local bands! Next weekend, Momo Promo is also one of the hosts and sponsors of “Drag In Roll: A Virtual Benefit for Eddy House“. Follow the link for more details.

Bust photo of Momo, dressed in black with a bondage collar, sitting on a fuzzy pink couch in front of a poster that says 'Go To Hell', with index and middle fingers in front of her lips
Momo – “Go To Hell”

For your listening enjoyment, and in honor of Women’s March, Momo has also brought us a playlist of some of her favorite woman-fronted acts that she’s been able to bring to Reno. It’s a fantastic lineup we think you’ll enjoy. This delayed episode brought to you by COVID vaccinations – we (Rory) will be better about this next week – we (he) swears!

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