Faith ReNo More

Hello loyal listeners! We took a couple of weeks off for Thanksgiving but we’re back this week with Reno’s very own Faith No More tribute band, Faith ReNo More! It’s a jam packed studio and show this week. Press play!

Faith ReNo More is Shaolin – Keys, Vince – Guitar, Ben, Nick – Bass, and Bryan – Drums. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook to stay updated on upcoming shows. Thanks to the band for being on the show this week!

We’re back next week with Jason Roxas and DJ Camz! Thanks for listening!

EXTRA! EXTRA!: Lincoln Skins Mrs. Cratchit

Or something like that….

Just a little sensationalism in the headline, because we’ve got two hot sensations in studio with us today! First is the fresh sounds of Lincoln Skinz, a Reno punk/metal act that has been very active in recent months. J Whiskey, Paul and John rip through some tight, hard-driving rock throughout the show.

drummer for Lincoln Skins flashing a rock hand
J Whiskey
ready to play their guitar and bass respectively
Paul Larsen and John Evangelisti

As an added treat, we’ve brought back our favorite former co-host and best intern, Jamie!!! She is directing the upcoming production of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge at Good Luck Macbeth! She is joined by Choreographer Amy Ginder and Tech Director Derek Nance! This hilarious and definitely naughty take on the christmas classic opens on the day after Thanksgiving and runs through the month of December. Tickets are available online, through the link or at

theater ladies, ready to talk
Jamie Woodham and Amy Ginder
sitting back and lounging in studio b
Dogwater Dick and Derek Nance

As always, thanks for listening.

Sad Giants

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast. This week we have brand new to us band Sad Giants in the studio. Kim took the week off but everyone else was there to ask these guys all the important, hilarious, and inappropriate questions you’ve come to expect from us. Press play!

Sad Giants is Bobby Benedict, Jesse Moran, and Quentin Young. They describe themselves as a power trio that kicks out the melodic rawness of Americana rock ala Springsteen or Petty, with a modern pop wit that twinges each song with its own unique catch – from 90s college rock to melodic punk. Big thanks to the band for hanging out with us. Keep an eye on their Facebook for upcoming show dates!

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The Sonic Dead Halloween Special

Hello and welcome back to the Worst Little Podcast! We’ve got an extra spooky episode for you this week featuring our friends from Murderock and Candy Apples and the Razor Blades! Their new project is called the Sonic Dead and it’s as amazing as you’d expect from these seasoned rockers. Press play!

The Sonic Dead is: Fred McKennon (vox), Chris Alexander (guitar), Michael Ellis Robedeau (guitar), Keith Jewett (bass), Zach Johnson (drums), Bryan Cowell (acoustic guitar), and Olive Guzicki (backing vox). See them live November 8th at Shea’s with Franks & Deans and Just-In Beaver! Thanks to the Sonic Dead for being on this week’s show!

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