Pierre Marche – Out On His Own

Pierre Marche – Out On His Own

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Week 21 of the pandemic and we still don’t know what we are doing, but we’ve got great guests! This week, Reno punk rock legend, Pierre Marche (Screeching Weasel, Engine Fire, SuckaPunch), and erstwhile sidekick, Chris Fox (Vampirates, Boss’ Daughter, Voted Best Band), tune into the the Zoom Room with us to talk about the craft, Pierre’s new album and the changing times.

An Autumn Afternoon

Pierre’s most recent project is “An Autumn Afternoon”, a second collection of solo tunes. Recorded at Pus Cavern in Sacramento, Marche collaborated extensively with Chris Fox. They go in some detail about how that process works for them, from inspiration to tracking.

Chris Fox

You can get a digital version of “An Autumn Afternoon” on Pierre’s bandcamp. Easiest way is to search for the album name or follow that link.

Pierre Marche

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Nick Eng – Long Hair Don’t Care

Nick Eng – Long Hair Don’t Care

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Here is your Double Dose of WLP for this week – good buddy Nick Eng! This young troubadour has put a lot of miles under his shoes and guitar since the last time he was on the podcast.

Nick Eng

Nick is getting set to release a live album, recorded in the beforetimes at Holland Project. He also has some ‘live’ takes that he recorded for us in his home studio. Dive in and find out the details!

See you next week when we bring you some Reno punk rock legends.

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Los Pistoleros – They Always Come Back

Los Pistoleros – They Always Come Back

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Whoops! Missed posting this last week! My apologies to everyone involved; it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster the last few weeks. We are pleased as punch to host our good friends, Los Pistoleros once again! Andy, Julio and Kody are great guys we are all big fans of. This rockabilly trio is tops!

Hope you enjoy this episode- you’re going to get a double dose this week. Stay tuned for Nick Eng – and Thanks for Listening

Johnno The Rhino – Off-Topic and Unfiltered

Johnno The Rhino – Off-Topic and Unfiltered
Season 10

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Buckle up this week, kids – it’s a wild ride!

Johnno the Rhino

Once again, we are happy to welcome past sonsor and longtime friend of the show, Johnno the Rhino, international DJ and local business owner at Reno Carson Messenger Service. Johnno regales us with tales from abroad during the pandemic, including one of the last music festivals – BAZIQUE! – held before the world wen on lockdown in March, in South Africa. The tracks this week are live recordings of his set that night.

The Bazique Music Festival

We don’t have much control over this episode. Johnno is a ‘fire and forget’ kind of guest. He was cracking us up before we started rolling tape. It’s wild and unhinged and hilarious and honest and fun.

Johnno is also still working the Golden Gate Project and figuring out ways to change lives hearts and minds, starting with bringing music the kids in hospitals. Head over to the website and check it out. It’s really wonderful

The Rhino Line

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