Season Opener Postponed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to record Season 11 Episode 1 last night. Our apologies to our guests, Asphalt Socialites, who you can expect to hear on an unspecified-at-this-time upcoming episode,

We are just as bummed as you and can’t wait to talk music soon.

Love to you all!

LNOY – Longest Night of the Longest Year and the Darkest Christmas Show

Worst Little Podcast
LNOY - Longest Night of the Longest Year and the Darkest Christmas Show


Merry Krimble, one and all, from all of us here at the Worst Little Podcast. For the final show of the year and Season 10 we are lucky enough to be joined by friends from the East: L.N.O.Y (Listless Numbers of Youth) from Winnemucca, NV.

LNOY – “Listless” album cover

LNOY does two versions of their newest punk Christmas tune. Reverend Rory wasn’t there so he doesn’t know what was on the show this week – notes indicate “How Winnemuccans lose their virginity” was a topic of note… a trigger warning is in effect for most of the songs (but if you’re a regular listener, you know that and for new listeners – surprise! the whole show is a trigger) And finally, we close the show with our own Nick Ramirez’s “Santa Clause” – Ho! ho! Let’s go!

Be safe out there, stay home, wear a mask if you don’t, wash your hands, don’t drink and drive, live to spite 2020 and we will see you next season in 2021 for Season 11!!!!!! ELEVENTY!!!!11!

Thanks For Listening!

Ford Corl – One of the 50 – (Christmas Pt.1)

Worst Little Podcast
Ford Corl - One of the 50 - (Christmas Pt.1)

HO! HO! HO! A Merry Christmas to you three and the rest of our listening audience. We are winding up Season 10 with not one, but TWO Holiday shows, one more Christmas-y than the last. It’s been a hell of a year, full of adaptation and changes, so we thank you all for bearing with us. Hope our silly banter has helped you get through 2020, just a little.

The Dumb Album art

This week – Ford Corl graces us with his digital presence. Ford is a local singer songwriter who has been quietly cogitating and evolving. from a solo-bedroom creator, to a bandmate and finally back to the bedroom again (thanks, COVID). A few weeks ago, Ford released his latest studio album and…. it would be a disservice to call it a hum-dinger, but it really is a HUM-MOTHERFUCKIN’-DINGER! Titled “The Dumb Album”, this introspective exploration is anything but dumb. We immensely enjoyed the album and talking to Ford about the process of creating an album in 2020.
Ford Corl (Photo -insight magazine)

Hope your pre-Christmas is merry and bright. Stay tuned for a second episode this week – out before Christmas – with LNOY from Winnemucca.

Thanks for listening!

Smiley Mikey – Irrepressibly Optimistic

Worst Little Podcast
Smiley Mikey - Irrepressibly Optimistic

Don’t call it a comeback, cause he’s been here for years! We welcome back Season Two Contestant, Smiley Mikey! While it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him, Mike has not stopped creating – music, art or some occasional controversy.

Cowboy Smiley

With a new album amidst the political and social chaos of 2020, Mike has not steered away from tackling the biggest issues of the day – staying positive and productive and evolving. Mike gives the listeners a creator-eye view of the songs. He also has a ton of videos on youtube to check out.

not-so-smiley mikey

Thanks for listening!

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