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Scott Turek – Sad Songs and Waltzes ARE Selling Today – S8 E19

Season 08
Season 08
Scott Turek - Sad Songs and Waltzes ARE Selling Today - S8 E19

Back again for the first time…solo! We have the pleasure of getting to hang out with our good friend Scott Turek this week. Scott (formerly of Bazooka Zoo) comes to us this time around with a very special offering – sad, sad, sad songs on the acoustic guitar. Despite his playful and sunny exterior, inside this husk of a man is a brooding and tortured heart, bereft of hope. Just kidding…. there’s like ONE dance-y tune in here (but seriously, ladies and gents, someone hug this man!)

Scott Turek, winking and pointing a finger at the camera in a "cool guy" pose under a cartoon star and rainbow

Scott Turek

Scott does gift us with a great set of his own music, some planned for, some not, but all quite on point and mesmerizing. His voice oozes into your ears like smooth caramel, taking you along for the story, while his fingers dance on the strings, keeping the momentum going. This man is some serious songwriting and playing talent; enough that I question whether or not his soul has been left tied up at a crossroads somewhere. You’ll be able to catch him at the Midtown Art Walk stage at Statewide Lighting, on Virginia Street on June 28. You can also find him on his website.

Kim is still not with us this week, but I’ll do my best to keep up with the weekend roundup:

Continuing all weekend long, through Saturday, June 30, Merry War Theater is presenting The Taming of the Shrew on the steps of the Lear Theater at sundown.

Tonight June 21 has two great shows lined up for you:
At Shea’s is The Deadly Gallows, Sanderlings and Josiah Knight!
Also, at Clark Lane Mall you can catch Color TV, Marigold, Frankly Fictitious and Blunderbusst!

Saturday has

Murderock Album Release Party w/ Viva Revenge and Grimedog at Shea’s

This Great State w/ Lucid & Vague Choir at The Saint!


Werewolf Club, Ancient Pools at Saint James Infirmary


Low La La at The Canvas Cafe

MJB @ The Saint w/Nothing Like a Dame


El Bowlritto 5 at the Skatehouse

Taipan, Contortion, Smooth Sailing at Jub Jub’s


The events just never stop people.

Thanks for listening.

Bazooka Zoo and the Ghost of Chewie – S3 E30

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Season 03
Bazooka Zoo and the Ghost of Chewie - S3 E30

Too much fun for just one ear!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E27

Local pioneers of  space rock, Bazooka Zoo stopped by the Dogwater Studios this week. The came, they drank, they laid down the laws of interstellar audio physics. They don’t mess around – they drank all of the beer and played all the musics! You can check them out on Facebook and listen to them Soundcloud.

Bazooka Zac - Bazooka Zoo - 2013 09 30 - Worst Little PodcastWe also get in touch with a BIG comic and friend of the show, Susan Young. She’s coming back to Reno this weekend to the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club in the Pioneer Underground. We bullshit with her for a while as usual, then she just casually drops that she’s actually opening for the Unknown Comic, Murray Langston! Maybe it’s just that I’m starting to get old, but I about wet myself when I heard that. You should check out their show and this rare live appearance this Friday and Saturday at 8pm – Susan Jones and The Unknown Comic.

Evan Tune - Bazooka Zoo - 2013 09 30 - Worst Little Podcast

We also have a fun chat with Buddy, Phillip J. Brown. Phillip is putting on the Drag Queen Boxing at The Alley on Saturday, October  12. I know… aren’t all of those words just magical? Announced by Ian Sorenson, these ladies of the ring will throw down for a great charity – Build Our Center. Our Comedian Commentators include Ed Adkins, Amanda Alvey, The Reverend Rory Dowd, Stacy Johnson, and Ginger Divine.

Scott Turek - Bazooka Zoo - 2013 09 30 - Worst Little Podcast


Bazooka Zoo also have some upcoming shows that you should check out – This Friday in fact. Listen to the show for more deets! Bazooka are a band you don’t want to miss the chance to dance off into the wild night sky with.

JD Christison - Bazooka Zoo - 2013 09 30 - Worst Little Podcast


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