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Roy Durand – Who The Hell Is He? – S10 E34

Season 10
Season 10
Roy Durand - Who The Hell Is He? - S10 E34

Greetings from fall, I guess. The weather has turned and so has our focus. All the way from Mobile, AL, we have drummer and songwriter, Roy Durand. Roy has never lived in Reno, has only been here once, and has no impending plans to return. So why are we featuring him on our show? Because he’s a pretty awesome dude, that’s why. (And Rev. Rory and he became friends in Louisiana about a decade ago), just before the podcast started.

Roy Durand

This show is a lot of fun – he came prepared for a real music podcast, but quickly learned to play along. Roy is a real travelling troubador with lots of stories. Lots of laughs this time, and even Dogwater Dick was made uncomfortable for once.

Super Hipster Roy with dog

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