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Whoops – Episode Missing

Hey folks,

We weren’t able to record this week due a rather unfortunate case of fail. Dogwater Dick was beat up by old ladies while at work and Reverend Rory couldn’t find his pants. We had a great show lined up – and duly apologize to our guests, Jenny Oxier and Meredith Tanzer of Salon 7’s 10th annual White Party and local vocalist, Micheal Jackson. We’ll try to get them back another time.

Just so you know, the 10th annual White Party Fundraiser will be happening at Salon 7 once again this year. There will be fashion, music, dancing and hawt people! Once again your Renofamous celebrity concierges will be the fabulously filthy jenny Pezdespencer and myself. All door proceeds benefit Build Our Center, a great local family friendly group. The White Party at Salon 7 will be on April 5. Chekkout the bump.

a Salon 7 White Party April 5 2014, 7pm-midnight


Also not on the show is comedian Justin Rupple. Once again he will be gracing the hallowed halls of the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club inside the Pioneer Underground this weekend. “Men: Explained” is the name of the show and you can catch it on Friday 3/21 at 8:30 pm and Saturday 3/22 at 6:30pm and 9:30 pm.


That’s all – catch you nest week with the farewell show of Hella Acapella.

The Tides: Grilled Cheese, Destruction and Bleeding Eardrums

Worst Little Podcast
The Tides: Grilled Cheese, Destruction and Bleeding Eardrums

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E18

Hey Everybody! Your old pal, Super Grover here! Just kidding it’s only me.

Oliver Hull of The Tides

Oliver, the Laughing Boy

New Reno garage band, The Tides, take a visit with us today. Featuring Kevin Kentera on drums, Brian Healy on bass and Oliver Hull on lead guitar and vocals, The Tides ripped through the studio like a howling wolf. Primal screams and solid rock melodies will get you out of your seat and have you howling along with them. I really like these new guys on the scene.

Bobby Slayton FlyerWe also have a fun phone call from Bobby Slayton again. The Pitbull of Comedy bites into Reverend Rory and just destroys him in front of a live studio audience! Fun times… Anyway, Bobby is also appearing at The Pioneer Underground this Friday and Saturday, June 21 & 22.

Brian Healy winking at the camera

Brian – I find your answer illogical.

Nick is out this week with a bad back (get better soon buddy) so none other than the MIGHTY Kodiak, Dakota Joe steps in to take his place. This is a new Kodiak, subdued, in shape and sober. Kinda weird, but a change for the better…. we think…

Kevin Kentera of The Tides

Kevin – Ritalin? Never heard of it…

Reverend Rory’s Picks for the Week:
Thursday, 6/20 – Mr Nick Ramirez at Adopt a Singer Songwriter (ASS!) at the Studio on 4th, 8pm
Friday, 6/21 – BOBBY SLAYTON at the Pioneer Underground, 8p
– Pinky Polanski, Beercan, Voted best Band and Riptide Bandits – The Alley, 8:30
– Movie Musical Sing-a-long : Labyrinth, Good Luck Macbeth, 8pm
Saturday, 6/22 – BOBBY SLAYTON at the Pioneer Underground, 7p and 9:30pm

– Unburn Comedy with pat Schillito, Jenny Pez DeSpencer and more. Wildflower Village

Dakota Joe on the Worst Little Podcast

The Kodiak is unimpressed.

That’s All I Know Folks.
Thanks For Listening!


The Shames: Are We On Acid?

Worst Little Podcast
The Shames: Are We On Acid?

Fuckin’ FINALLY! – sorry for the late show this week – super busy aftermath of the (Un)Discovered show….

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E16

Penny Cillin of The Shames laughing and pointing at a microphone

“Check out THIS guy!”

We got the SHA-ames! We got the SHA-ames! We got The Shames! We’ve teased you with it for over two years and it’s finally happened! We were finally able to pin down Penny Cillin and Mikie Shame, and they did not disappoint. It is as awesome – awesomer! – as you think it should be. Unfortunately, Shames drummer Cyril was unavailable for the show. The girls came in with a great musical selection – six or seven songs, including a Worst Little Podcast Exclusive first listen to a new Shames song!

Mikie Shame looking pretty

Sweet Mikie

At the top of the show we have a chance to talk with Reno native and LA-based comedian David Huntsberger. David is a really funny guy, appearing in comedy clubs nationally and on the podcast “Professor Blastoff“. His latest CD, Explosion Land is available on his website and iTunes. David will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club in the Pioneer Underground June 7 & 8. Go out this weekend and have a laugh with someone from this town who got out and made good!

Michelle and Bryce in the sound room

New Intern Michelle and Executive Fluffer Bryce

Don’t forget to check out Big Remote‘s newest CD, Jenkins, currently available online and at Recycled Records!
Write in for some stickers!!!!

Dogwater Dick's new sticker "Fuck Rory Dowd"


That’s all I know.
Thanks for listening!

Josh 'Chewbacca' Martin on the Worst Little Podcast in the World sitting with good posture

The Noble Chewbacca

Lacey Mattison and Shelly Jackson: Asian Bondage Goddess

Worst Little Podcast
Lacey Mattison and Shelly Jackson: Asian Bondage Goddess

Boob City!!!!!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E12

You know what heaven is like? A room full of beautiful women smiling at you, without a murderous glint in their eyes. This week we had three lovely local ladies in the studio – Lacey Mattison, Shelly Jackson and Dena Sweigart. Lacey is a local singer songwriter and long-time friend of the show; Shelly is a local crafter, gallery curator and event organizer with Indie Reno and Wildflower Gallery; and Dena was Lacey’s moral support (and ride) that somehow got roped into being on mic. (I wonder how that happened)

The lovely and talented singer/songwriter Lacey Mattison


This weeks episode is totally 50 shades of GHEY! Even Reverend Rory was blushing by the end of the show! He entirely blames Nick for the gaeity. We also have a phone call with LA area comedian, Ed Galvez, who will be appearing at the Reno Tahoe Comedy Club in the Pioneer Underground this Friday and Saturday!

Dena Sweigart appearing on the Worst Little Podcast

She SOOOOOO didn’t want to be on the show…..

Speaking of Comedians – on Thursday May 9th, Shea’s Tavern will be hosting the Weediculous Comedy Tour! We will have headliner Dustin Kaufman on next week ta talk about what they’re up to. I wanted to let y’all know about it now though, since we’ll have limited lead time before the show next week. I’m planning on being there!

Shelly Jackson on the Worst Little Podcast

…infectious laugh, infectious smile…

Other than that – it was a giant shitshow. Lots of fun, I think? Only mildly awkward, really


Rev’s Show Picks:
Ongoing – 11pm – Brüka – Late Night TV Series – Three’s Company
– 8pm – Bruka – Six Women With Brain Death Or Expiring Minds Want To Know (W/ Lacey Mattison)
Friday – 4pm Wildflower Gallery – REVEREND RORY SINGS!! @7
-later – The SHAMES at 40 Mile!!!!!
Saturday – 2pm – Blitz Bar and Grill – Biggest Little Skate Jam 4 Autism (Liver Scars!)
-9pm – Jub Jub’s – Cirque Da Mar – Burning Man Fundraiser for A FIFTY-FOOT ICHTHYOSAUR PUPPET!!!!

Thanks for listening!