PUSHBoX – New Utterances – S6 E27

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Season 06
PUSHBoX - New Utterances - S6 E27

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The Worst Little Podcast in the World – S6 E26

We are so happy to have this week’s guests in studio with us. PUSHBoX invades the studio this week and rocks our socks off with some tunes, old and new! PUSHBoX is a rock band from Reno, NV, comprised of Georgia Maestro, Michael Grover and Patrick Williams, all long time Reno musicians and artists. While many listeners may remember them from the early 2000’s, PUSHBoX is a relevant musical force once more. Having reformed a few months ago, the are taking Reno by storm.

Georgia Maestro smiling broadly.

Happy to be here

After taking a 7 year hiatus, PUSHBoX is back out there playing shows again and attracting a whole new generation of listeners. The accolades are well deserved as their sound and technique has matured, if not their personalities. (A bunch of 6th graders, they are.)

Michael Grover pleasantly smiling with a buddha statue over his shoulder

Buddha approves

You’ll be able to catch PUSHBoX soon. They are playing at The Saint with the Asphalt Socialites on Halloween weekend – 10/28/16. So mark that on your calendar and be there, jerky!

Patrick Williams amking a goofy face


Reverend Rory, Michael Grover, Geordia Maestro and Patrick Williams mug for the camera in various poses.

PUSHBoX and The Rev after the show

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Georgia Maestro and Mike Gully – All Over the Place – S5 E29

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Season 05
Georgia Maestro and Mike Gully - All Over the Place - S5 E29

Dedicated, with love, light and joy, to the unconquerable spirit that is Judith “Lady” Hull.

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 10 12 – Season 5 Episode 29 – Download Link

It’s always great to have good friends in the studio! This week is chock full of old friends and good times. First, however, we take a moment to talk about our good friend and icon of the Reno theater community: Lady. Judith “Lady” Hull has been a huge influence on the Reno theater and art community over the past few decades. Despite a strong spirit and support team, she had been in failing health for most of this year and as she enters her next evolution, we send with her our love and affection. She passed over her rainbow bridge on the evening of October 14, 2015. We love you, Lady.

Lady Hull, Reno costumer and icon

Judith “Lady” Hull

But, as a Reno theater guru, Lady would understand that the show must go on, which is why it is my incredible joy to welcome back onto the show, Season One guest, Georgia Maestro. Many long-time Reno music aficionados will remember Georgia from her solo work as well as her well-received band, Pushbox. When last we spoke to her, Georgia was heading out to cut the world’s teeth on her; now she’s back with new stories, experiences and songs. Her powerful, sultry voice is better than ever. It was really really good for my soul to hear her sing again. We all look forward to seeing more of Georgia in the coming months.

Georgia Maestro playing the keyboard with a sultry smile on her face


Also joining us in studio is Chef Mike Gully. Mike is both the chef at Cafe DeLuxe on Wells Avenue and also an organizer for the Washoe County supporters of Bernie Sanders. Mike is also bucking for an on air job and does a great job of taking over all of the Rev’s segues. A man with the gift of gab, Gully is entertaining as he doles forth his opinions on the current Reno food scene and the state of politics currently. This episode definitely has some zigs and zags, from food to politics and more.

Chef Mike Gully smiling off camera

Chef Gully

There’s lots of events this weekend – we recap them at the end – too many to list now, but rest assured that your hosts are involved with many of them.

THanks for listening!

Georgia Mowers – She’s Still Out of Bubble Gum – S1 E22

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Season 01
Georgia Mowers - She's Still Out of Bubble Gum - S1 E22

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 022

Sweet Georgia

Sweet Georgia, …all that and SASSY, too!

Happy Fourth of JUly!!!

First off, a big thanks to anyone who has served in our armed forces, civil services or the general public good. Thanks for participating in democracy, instrad of spectating, and doing your part to making the United States of America Teh United States of Awesome. If you njoy your barbecue and don’t blow your hand off – you’ll need that to check out Stingray Tattoo for your patriotic ink!

Today we have the super hot, brassy and ballsy, lovely and talented (and did I mention HOT?!?!!!) MISS Georgia Mowers. A long time friend of the show, Georgia is kicking more ass than ever and not just because she’s all out of bubble gum. She has been in hiding; travelling, learning and developing as a person and as a performer. She hasn’t been active much recently, but has an upcoming Pushbox reunion and debuts some of her new solo originals that she has been working on, going under the solo nom de plume of The Lark. DAMN that girl can sing. Listen in and check out the details for the Pushbox show. It’s a good time.

I really meant to get this podcast up a few days ago, but the weekend just kind of got away from me. Too much fun stuff to do in town, between the Outsleazed Fest, Aceball, Arttown, NMA, the river, great weather, festivals, cook-offs barbecues,…

Get out and enjoy this place, you god-forsaken fools!!!! Also don’t forget to visit Jub Jub’s Thiest Parlor next weekend for their 1 year anniversary shindig! FYDx365!!!

Oh, and thanks for listening!