Georgia Mowers – She’s Still Out of Bubble Gum – S1 E22

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Georgia Mowers - She's Still Out of Bubble Gum - S1 E22

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 022

Sweet Georgia

Sweet Georgia, …all that and SASSY, too!

Happy Fourth of JUly!!!

First off, a big thanks to anyone who has served in our armed forces, civil services or the general public good. Thanks for participating in democracy, instrad of spectating, and doing your part to making the United States of America Teh United States of Awesome. If you njoy your barbecue and don’t blow your hand off – you’ll need that to check out Stingray Tattoo for your patriotic ink!

Today we have the super hot, brassy and ballsy, lovely and talented (and did I mention HOT?!?!!!) MISS Georgia Mowers. A long time friend of the show, Georgia is kicking more ass than ever and not just because she’s all out of bubble gum. She has been in hiding; travelling, learning and developing as a person and as a performer. She hasn’t been active much recently, but has an upcoming Pushbox reunion and debuts some of her new solo originals that she has been working on, going under the solo nom de plume of The Lark. DAMN that girl can sing. Listen in and check out the details for the Pushbox show. It’s a good time.

I really meant to get this podcast up a few days ago, but the weekend just kind of got away from me. Too much fun stuff to do in town, between the Outsleazed Fest, Aceball, Arttown, NMA, the river, great weather, festivals, cook-offs barbecues,…

Get out and enjoy this place, you god-forsaken fools!!!! Also don’t forget to visit Jub Jub’s Thiest Parlor next weekend for their 1 year anniversary shindig! FYDx365!!!

Oh, and thanks for listening!

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