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S14E6: Bang Marry Kill- Thank You So Hard

Season 14
Season 14
S14E6: Bang Marry Kill- Thank You So Hard

For Valentines we get bromantic. Three rad dudes from established Reno bands like Ostracized, Grimedog and Filipendejo among others, Lucas Grimes guitar and vocals, Tyrell Cruz bass and vocals and Kevin Montoya drums and vocals are the new super group and power trio BANG MARRY KILL.

Kevin aka Felipendejo

Funky and reminiscent of funny jam acts like Ween, Primus and the more obscure Gluey Brothers. 

They’re a rocking dance band really. Super joyful and lighthearted with heavy grooves and cool psychedelic surf tones with a squeeze of desert rock. And Dessert Rock if you’re hungry.


We had a blast with our friends in Bang Marry Kill and get to know Tyrell a little better with a round of the worst little quiz. 


You can get down with them at the upcoming blood-spattered valentine show at Alturas’ Cellar stage. Keep collaborating and creating new music Reno! We are definitely loving the results! 

Happy VD! Life is short and we love you. Thanks for listening. Thank you so hard!

S14E5-Drought: High and Dry

Season 14
Season 14
S14E5-Drought: High and Dry

We had a rocking good time hanging out with Trevor Lame-Vocals, Guitar Cheyenne Cha Cha-Bass and Jake Sticks-the drummer who are now collectively known as brand new baby low fi sonic punk band Drought.

Only a half a year in the life of Drought and they’re already landing some great gigs and of course their debut on our show. Well, that’s not entirely true, drummer Jake also plays bass in doom metal outfit Ozymandias and has been on WLP a couple of times. But never isolated to the drum room, separate from everyone, so it was a whole new experience.

Jake Sticks

 They play us their loose and primal punk rock, warts and all to our delight. They’re not polished but they’re chaotic, salty, playful and a little dangerous. Rock and roll rebels fresh from the garage that Jake plans to turn into a venue. 

Cheyenne Cha Cha

We have a dirty little quiz and Kadillac Kim shares the fantastic lineup she has booked for this year’s Reno Punk Rock Flea Market. It’s always a treat to meet new bands and watch them grow. We will be keeping our eyes on Drought for sure. 

Trevor Lame

You can catch them February 16 in Nevada City at the Fern with Slutzville and the Arguments as well as headlining The Blood Spattered Valentines Day Show February 17 at the Cellar Stage (aka Alturas) in Reno, with Two Man Lemmon Band, The Poor Devils and next week’s WLP guest; Bang Marry Kill. 

Proof that Reno keeps it rocking, new bands are being birthed all the time and we’re glad we get to share a little bit of that raw beauty with you. That’s what we’re here for, after all… Life is short and we love you.

Thanks for listening!

S14E4: No Healer-Nutria

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
S14E4: No Healer-Nutria

This week on WLP we welcome Nevada City’s No Healer with Justin on drums, Barry guitar and vocals, and Blake on bass. They are a genuine, sonic garage, kickass rock and roll outfit. With influences like the Stooges, Dead Moon and the Sonics this power trio knows how to keep it raunchy, hooky, fast paced and wild.


They’re also funny, with a great chemistry, musically and as bandmates.  This became apparent after a juicy worst little quiz.

No Healer is only a couple years old and we hope they stick around to rock the region and beyond for a long time. 


They have some music on the usual streaming platforms and their next show is at RMU in Truckee California with The Pedaling Mongos. Guaranteed to be a barn burner. You can keep up with them @Nohealerheals on Instagram and Bandcamp.

Thanks for making the journey guys, we had a blast getting to know you. 


Keeping it rock and roll there’s a hot show this weekend at the Cellar at Alturas on Saturday night February 3 with Pussy Velour, Eddie and the Subtitles and Glitter Bats. 

Rock and Roll will never die!

Rick says to go see Eddie and the Subtitles this weekend!

Get some. Thanks for listening! 

S14E2: Death Means Profit: High Desert Crust Punks

Season 14
Season 14
S14E2: Death Means Profit: High Desert Crust Punks

Howdy Reno neighbors and neighborenos! We are back with a fresh new band to meet and explore.

It’s 2024 and the young folks are still punk rocking for the betterment of mankind and for the sheer fun, absurdity and love of it all. These antiwar, pro equality anarcho-punx, Death Means Profit are comprised of Lilith vox, Gwen guitar, Silly bass, and Colin drums. They all hail from different regions of northern Nevada and 3/4 are graduating high school this year.


They bring the youthful exuberance and primal kick in the pants the music scene always needs. It’s got a skate punk vibe with the spirit of both English punk, like Subhumans and SoCal hardcore like the Germs. It’s a chaotic underground sound, short songs with a ton of progressive angst. Total freedom to do whatever they want, all making for a wild spontaneous and unpredictable live performance.


Their next appearance will be at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Markets next event.  Punk Rock Prom? More on that later from our very own Kadillac Kim, who met Death Means Profit at Neutral Ground at the Holland Project and we just want to thank her for booking the band this week. Kim rules!


Thank you worst little listeners. 

Life is short and we love you.

The Christmas of Covid Babies – S11 E39

Season 11
Season 11
The Christmas of Covid Babies - S11 E39

We are back with yet another Christmas special! All the families joined together for yet another year, gathered around microphones (and a Zoom feed) to share stories, music, and Christmas wishes. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve gotten together and celebrated Christmas this way, and it sure was fun. (Now with more swearing!)

Everyone’s large and ever-growing families were present as usual, and this time, we had a few new additions: The Ramirez’s had their wonderful baby Pauline with them, who squealed throughout the show. the Dowds were stuck at home with the sniffles, but they were able to have 3-year-old tornado Bobby and newborn Billy show up, on camera! The children sure did start popping up through the pandemic! I wonder what happened….

Despite forgetting to do half of them, we brought our traditions back to life this year; Christmas carols from local musicians, family chaos, and a classic tale of Christmas spirit. Short on content, bug on love. Remember, it’s also the last show of 2021, and season 11 of the podcast!

We have come a long way together and are looking forward to both the coming year and Season 12!!! Have a great holiday season, and we’ll see you next year!

\Reverend Rory, Dogwater Dick and Cheyenne Leigh, gathered around a 8 foot tall smow penis and testicles with the in-picture caption of Merry Christmas. There is a santa hat and garland on the penis.
The Traditional Dogwater Christmas Snow Penis

Thanks for listening!

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 200 – S5 E26

Season 05
Season 05
Worst Little Podcast - Episode 200 - S5 E26



Yes, we’ve really been doing this that long. Mostly unpaid.

The Worst Little Podcast – S5 E26 – Download Link

Here it is, for your enjoyment – a clip show! Featuring much of the cast of The Worst Little Podcast, past and present, in the last 200  episodes and some repeat offenders drinking copious amounts of beer and whiskey! In studio we have, your hosts, Thee Reverend Rory Dowd, Mr. Nick Ramirez, Dogwater Dick and Josh Martin, along with our small horde of guests that include Reno musicians and friends of the show: Spencer Kilpatrick, Mikie Haley, Felix Danger,  Myke Read, Rashidul Kader, Zac Curtis, Evan Humphries and a Mystery Guest!

Rick, Rory, Nick and Chewie sitting on a couch.

The Bridal Photo – Episode 200

There’s clips from shows going back to the first season and as recently as this 5th one. There are … a lot. We made Rick play jukebox. He’s the only one who wasn’t inebriated and could take notes. There’s a lot of talking and conversation stepping, some rudeness, some love, you take the good, you take the bad, and there you have – AH! Who’s kidding, there’s nothing good about this show. Except the music. Always the Reno music.

a group photo

The Wedding Party – Episode 200

We’d like to thank all of our friends, guests and sponsors over the years – You guys are great and we would not be doing this without you.

Thanks for listening!

Tooth of Crime: New Digs, Booga – S5 E6

Season 05
Season 05
Tooth of Crime: New Digs, Booga - S5 E6



Choogin, baybay, choogin!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2015 03 02

I am so conflicted about this episode!!!! First, we have the cast from “Tooth of Crime” on, which is so awesome; second, Jamie hosted the show in its entirety, which is good and bad (good that she can handle it, bat that my job is at stake now); and finally – it’s the last episode ever from beautiful suburban Sparks! What is this world coming to?!?!

Dave Richards

Dave has found something!

Lew Zaumeyer


“Tooth of Crime” is a play written, and then later re-written, by Sam Sheppard. It involves live music, cars and fire. It is dangerous theater. It is a play that has not always been well received. It is a play that may have never been done correctly, even when directed by the author. A small group of actors from Reno believe that they can pull it off like no one has.

Scott Dundas and Jill Marlene

Scott/Chaser and Jill/Becky Lou

Nick Ramirez


Director Dave Richards brings most of his cast and the band to the studio with him to talk about the upcoming performances. He is joined by Lew Zaumeyer (Hoss), Jill Marlene (Becky Lou), Scott Dundas (Chaser), Andy Luna (Crow), Nick Ramirez (Meera), Rory Dowd (Rudio Ran) from the cast and also Jeff Done, Pat Mayfield, Dave Masud and Chris Fox from the Reno “Tooth of Crime” band. For a last session, we crammed so many people in that the whole band AND Reverend Rory had to sit in the living room! That’s why Jamie got to host the show! (I knew you were wondering)

Rory Dowd

Rory/Rudio Ran


Jeff Done on bass

Jesus watches over Jeff

If you’re interested in seeing the show, Tickets are for sale at Jub Jub’s, The Melting Pot and online.

Dave Masud behind the drums

Dave’s ready to rock

Pat Mayfield on the keys

Pat’s happy to be here

Chris Fox

Chris didn’t get up all night.

For a final episode at the old house, we couldn’t have asked for a better set of guests – some old friends, some brand new to the show. ANd we had fun. We will be taking a one week hiatus so Dogwater Dick can move ye olde studios into Reno! Crazy things are afoot in the neighborhood. Chekkit what’s been happening down the block:

corner house by Dogwater BEFORE demo


corner house by Dogwater AFTER demo


Thanks for Listening!


Love Like Wes – Generation Un-gap – S4 E26

Season 04
Season 04
Love Like Wes - Generation Un-gap - S4 E26



Attention, standby passengers!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E27– Download Link

Johnny Rolling - Love Like Wes

Johnny Rolling

Greetings, fellow travelers!! I hope your seat belts are on, because we’re going on a field trip! Johnny Rolling, Erik Grubbs, Kieran Clark and  Henry Lindsay from Love Like Wes put in some time during this last summer of Dogwater. All Battle-Born and Reno raised, they come in with their unique charm and songs about girls and make Reverend Rory feel old as dirt bring us up to speed on themselves. First of all, none of the members of Love Like Wes are actually named Wes, although he is a real person. While we typically avoid such trite questions, this one was begging to be asked. Find out the store during the second segment. Or is it the third?

Erik Grubbs - Love Like Wes

Erik Grubbs

Love Like Wes is fun, pop rock from Reno Nevada. They’ve been playing around for a few years now and are building a steadily growing following, especially know that they have ‘hair down there’ and can get into bars. All kidding aside, they are fantastic musicians and came to play on the show. And they help us bring to you another WLP exclusive! Starring inour first ever Father/Son connection, bass player Henry Lindsey is the son of none other than Bruce “The Bruce” Lindsey, friend and former gust of the show.

Henry Lindsey - Love Like Wes

Henry Lindsey

We would also like to take a second to congratulate the cast and crew of Nowhere Nevada for being awarded the title of “Best Feature” at the SF Global Film Festival in San Jose last weekend. That’s right, they got the ‘Best in Show’ award at the event they’ve been working so hard for!! We’ve been supporting them and invested in the project for about two years now, so it’s fantastic for Nick Ramirez, Brian Sutherland, Juli Green, Dave Richards, Jef Derderian, Liz Cole, Felix Danger, Max Volume, Andy Luna, Cori Lynne, Tom Plunkett, Xtevion, Rick Spagnola, Tom Gordon and all the rest of the crew get their deserved accolades. Keep checking in because this is not over; the next step is distribution and we will ube sure to let you know when you can finally see this movie or get a copy of your very own. Check out the Nowhere Nevada IMDB page while you wait! Congrats again, everyone!

Kieran Clark - Love Like Wes

Kieran Clark

We also discuss the future fate of JB the Intern, who pulls his second no -call no-show in as many weeks. Boy is gonna pay.
Enjoy the end of summer!
Thanks for Listening!


Sit Kitty Sit – (Don’t Touch The) Crackly Bottom – S4 E25

Season 04
Season 04
Sit Kitty Sit - (Don't Touch The) Crackly Bottom - S4 E25



Bing Bang Boom!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E 26 – Download Link

OMG This was such an awesome show. Good good GOOD friends of the Show, Sit Kitty Sit, drove up to Reno from the Bay Area just to be on the podcast. Kat Downs Gaudette and Mike Thompson are a killer two-piece band that will blow your mind. They started playing shows up here in Reno about a year ago and fell in love with the audiences and venues of our fine city. You can’t keep them away now!

Kat Downs Gaudette

Kat is HUNGRY!

Sit Kitty Sit is keyboard, drums and phenomenal singing. A truly unique act they can and have played with everyone from solo guitarists to full on metal hardcore bands. They first played up here with Lucas Young, a previous guest on the show and great guy who just HAPPENED to also stop by the studio this week to say ‘Hi!’. Sit Kitty Sit ended up staying at Dogwater Studios that weekend and Rick and Kat and Mike all fell in musical love. Since then, they’ve remained in contact with us and played a few more shows in the Sierras. What you get today is just a little taste of their amazing live show. Super fun, witty and talented, you don’t want to miss the,

Mike THompson

So is Mike

Before I sign off, I just want to remind everyone of the big Nowhere Nevada show at Jub Jub’s this Friday, August 8. With 12 local bands featured in the movie, and film clips being shown all night long, this is something you don’t want to miss! It’s a fundraiser to help the cast and crew go to San Jose for the red carpet film fest that the movie has been selected to be in. Please come out to support Reno art and culture!

Thanks for Listening!

The Defabulators – Too Much Music – S4 E23

Season 04
Season 04
The Defabulators - Too Much Music - S4 E23



Hold on to your britches!

The Worst Little Podcast – S4 E24 – Download Link

Dogwater Studios transforms into a house of rock and roll when these boys come around. Johnny Harpo, Wes Forster, Jesse Gaddis and Greg Grenade of The Defabulators invade with their blazing guitars and yowlin’ sound! There wasn’t a dry seat in the studio after their first song – mostly sweat, but I’m not picky.

Greg Grenade of The Defabulators

Greg Grenade

The Defabulators are back in action and ready to play and record a bunch of new tunes they play for us on the show today. Nothing is booked just yet, though and they don’t have a website or anything, because they’re old skool Reno rock and rolla’s like that. You’ll have to keep your ear to the ground to catch them.

Johnny Harpo of the Defabulators

Johnny Harpo

We are also happy to Officially Announce the Presentation of Ye Olde Pinky Polanski Rocky Horror Picture Show Extravaganza!!!! That’s right! The Pinky Polanski Boys and Reverend Rory will be putting on the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the newly rebuilt Cargo at Whitney Peak – ON HALLOWEEN!!! Two shows – 8pm and midnight!!! For the third year in a row we will be bringing you our own special brand of Reno Rocky – complete with live music, live audience participation and live RHPS virgins!!!!! Stay tuned for details!!!

Wes Forster of The Defabulators

Wes Forester

Jessse Gaddis of the Defabulators

Jesse Gaddis

Go Do stuff!
Thanks for Listening!

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