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Allen Wrench and Socket – S2 E25

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Season 02
Allen Wrench and Socket - S2 E25

Nothing hotter than the Sofa King Miserable Heat Wave, amiright?

Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E24

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked Paul Allen on the show this week.  I mean, I knew he was a good musician and quirky lyricist – I liked that about him – but, the dude, like, only ever plays in living rooms and porches, right?!?!  I wasn’t sure if Paulie was up to it, frankly.  He might have frozen up or even peed a little in the studio.  Then Rick would have had to rub his nose in it, whilst bellowing, “NOOO!!!!”  (Yeah, I just said “whilst”. Is there a problem? (Other than my blatant aggression and latent personality split?))  I am happy to say though, Paul came through and really knocked our socks off.  He only froze up during the Worst Little Quiz, but still got a respectable score and beat himself silly.

Lots of great stuff happened in Reno, lots of great stuff coming up – I think we talked about a lot of it during the show.  I’m pretty sure we did, but it’s kind of a blur – and I was sober this week!  The Notorious R.A.D. is back in Reno and will be cutting up some new drops in the studio soon (that means to record funny things, it is NOT a euphemism for drug use – what do you think we are, Californians?).  We had a lot of fun on this episode, and only got a little bit gross. That happens in our  new segment – Dogwater Dick’s Disgisting Definitions.  It’s really, well, not good, but funny as hell.

Please don’t forget to come out and see the live show!  What live show?  The Worst Little Open Mic in Reno, that live show!  Every Monday, Nick Chewie and Rev. Rory will be down at ye olde Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor hosting the open mic.  We want to see new faces, people jamming, people bringing their new songs, new bands, parts of old bands – we even have a drum kit and bass rig set up every week for anyone to come down and borrow.  We’ve had a great couple weeks so far, and want to keep it up.  Even if you can’t come every week, please still stop by every once in a while.  (NEW BANDS: this is really kindof optimal exposure and a chance to play for a live audience; don’t be dumb.)

Anyways, thanks for listening!



Lullabies from Carson – S1 E27

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Season 01
Lullabies from Carson - S1 E27

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 027

DJ O Gnosis / Carson Cessna

That shirt just reinforces the muppet look.

Don’t drive listening to DJ O Gnosis!!! But first, some deathmetal.

We’ve got a little different show for you all this week – lots of new stuff and a quieter. gentler podcast . Carson Cessna awkwardly hangs out with us – YAY!! a return of the Awkward Silence game!! Nick and Rory did very little show prep – and it shows! HA! Seriously though, super busy week with lots of stuff, like Rory’s failed Date Night with the wifey and Nick still looking for a job.

Speaking of jobs, Chewie is back out workin’ the mines, so doesn’t join us this week, but we hope to have him back before Burning Man. (Stay tuned for next weeks Burning Man Spectaculare!!! Or as we like to call it, ‘The Spectacular BM”!)

The other big highlights of this show include some Italian Circumcision Rick’s Clips!!! He unearths some really revealing early samples of the Notorious R.A.D. as well as debuts some new ones. Plus – our very first commercial! One we made ourselves for Stingray Tattoo, so check THAT shit out.

Thanks for listening.

The Firebombing, Chaos, Stickers and ‘Love’ – S1 E26

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Season 01
The Firebombing, Chaos, Stickers and 'Love' - S1 E26

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 026

Todd Imus of the Firebombing

Todd and… nothing

“I’ve only listened to a few episodes. Is it usually this much of a trainwreck?”
– Todd Imus, directly after the recording stopped

Hello, Good Listener! It’s a pretty darn good show for you this week if’n I do say so m’self… and I do (most weeks anyway). We start out with a traditional folk song that our guests, The Firebombing, recorded at Dogwater. Rory has returned in good form and spirits. He critiques Nick and Rick’s performances the week before and is really quite supportive. Yep. That’s the story and I’m told I have to stick to it. And back from the fields of silver under the great state of Nevada is the big man- CHEWIE!!!! Don’t get too excited though, this was just a one-off. He’ll be gone for another couple of weeks after this, so gitchyer Wookie on while you can.

We sit down and (sweat it out) talk with The Firebombing, premiere purveyors of hardcore, anthemic and Americana rock in the Reno music scene. Todd Imus and Garrett Donovan were a lot of fun to hang out with in the studio, despite all the heat and nudity… Rory and Nick have a problem with that. Keeping their clothes on, that is. At any rate – Todd and ‘Mr. Perfect’ treat us to impromptu acoustic versions of a few tunes. At least one of them is going to make it onto ‘The CD’.

Also – listen carefully for your chance to win a Worst Little Podcast PRYZE PAKK. This first time, it’s easy…

Iceman and Maverick? *shudder*

OH!! Garrett ROCKS the Worst Quiz Ever – he scores right up there with Layla James (who could be be returning to WLP sometime soon). For a quiet guy, he’s got some things to say and secrets to spill. You just have to get him drunk enough and ask him a bunch of rapid-fire awkward questions! Todd score is okay, but he’s a ginger, so what do you really expect? Like I said, It’s actually a pretty good show this week. Thanks for listening.

There’s a White Elephant Rifle in the Room. – S1 E25

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Season 01
There's a White Elephant Rifle in the Room. - S1 E25

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 25

Sexy Vinyl

Some days, you just never know what you’re going to get.
This is going to be fun. I have no idea of what this podcast sounds like or what happens when the ‘tape’ was rolling. If you haven’t figured it out by now, this mightbe Rory. I wasn’t feeling too well this week and had to take the night off. Nick takes the helm this episode, hanging out with and entertaining the guys from Elephant Rifle. And since Chewie is still blowing us off, Rick had to be the wingman this week so we’re all fuckerd up.

Brad was caught unawares by the stealthy photographer.

One bit of exciting news is that we’d like to welcome a new sponsor – Grassroots Books. It’s a great new and used bookstore with low prices that rhyme with ‘ninety-nine’. Seriously, $10 bucks can give you an impressive looking shelf at home, even if you’ve never read any of them! They have sales ALL the time. Go there to show them that people actually listen to this show! Mention you heard about them on the Worst Little Podcast and GET A FREE BOOK!! Look at that, how we come through for you. Now come through for us! Check out teh Grassroots Books.

If Reno IS destroyed in a firey holocaust, I want it to look like this.

Back to Elephant Rifle: They have a new album out, as featured at the top of the post. Go buy one! Go see them at their next show, which I am sure is mentioned on the podcast, right, Nick? I’m pretty sure they are a really good hardcore band, but I’m going to have to listen along with you. They better not have fucked it up.I bet it’s a great show.Thanks for listening.