Allen Wrench and Socket – S2 E25

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Season 02
Allen Wrench and Socket - S2 E25

Nothing hotter than the Sofa King Miserable Heat Wave, amiright?

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Wasn’t sure what to expect when I booked Paul Allen on the show this week.  I mean, I knew he was a good musician and quirky lyricist – I liked that about him – but, the dude, like, only ever plays in living rooms and porches, right?!?!  I wasn’t sure if Paulie was up to it, frankly.  He might have frozen up or even peed a little in the studio.  Then Rick would have had to rub his nose in it, whilst bellowing, “NOOO!!!!”  (Yeah, I just said “whilst”. Is there a problem? (Other than my blatant aggression and latent personality split?))  I am happy to say though, Paul came through and really knocked our socks off.  He only froze up during the Worst Little Quiz, but still got a respectable score and beat himself silly.

Lots of great stuff happened in Reno, lots of great stuff coming up – I think we talked about a lot of it during the show.  I’m pretty sure we did, but it’s kind of a blur – and I was sober this week!  The Notorious R.A.D. is back in Reno and will be cutting up some new drops in the studio soon (that means to record funny things, it is NOT a euphemism for drug use – what do you think we are, Californians?).  We had a lot of fun on this episode, and only got a little bit gross. That happens in our  new segment – Dogwater Dick’s Disgisting Definitions.  It’s really, well, not good, but funny as hell.

Please don’t forget to come out and see the live show!  What live show?  The Worst Little Open Mic in Reno, that live show!  Every Monday, Nick Chewie and Rev. Rory will be down at ye olde Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor hosting the open mic.  We want to see new faces, people jamming, people bringing their new songs, new bands, parts of old bands – we even have a drum kit and bass rig set up every week for anyone to come down and borrow.  We’ve had a great couple weeks so far, and want to keep it up.  Even if you can’t come every week, please still stop by every once in a while.  (NEW BANDS: this is really kindof optimal exposure and a chance to play for a live audience; don’t be dumb.)

Anyways, thanks for listening!



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