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Kevin Dunn: Foot In Mouth Disease – S2 E29

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Season 02
Kevin Dunn: Foot In Mouth Disease - S2 E29

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It all started so normally at first…

The Handburger Man

This week gets a little crazy. Rory forgot his phone, Nick left early and things get extra NSFW. But of course they do: Kevin Dunn stopped by. One of the foulest songwriters in town Kevin has verbally vomited for tons of Reno bands including Dump Your Boyfriends, Courtesy Stitch, STM and a brief but exciting career as a rapper. We’ve got his ‘version’ of The Rainbow Connection with MC P-Hole on the episode and let me tell you – I don’t remember Kermit saying a damn one of those lyrics! Childhood memories ruined….

That’s not a peace sign, Officer Krupke.

Also in the studio is Dan Steinmetz, a long-time drummer on the Reno scene who is currently herding Kevin drumming for STM. He brings the rock and the solid. We unfortunately didn’t get to talk to Dan as much as we wanted – Kevin had a lot to say. There may have been some shit talking going on… Especially after the bottle of citrus vodka he cradled like a baby.

We did miss an opportunity to talk to a mover and shaker though – there was supposed to be a phoner with DJ Heidilicious, but someone forgot his phone. We’ll have Heidi on in about a month, but until then, here’s a ‘short list of her upcoming shows:

  • Thurs 9/13- Live streaming of a DJ collective called Reno Sound Collective – https://www.facebook.com/events/108418002644167/
  • Fri 9/14- Crystal Bay Club, Tahoe, Late Night w Roksmyth
  • Sat 9/15- Reno ArtBeat at the new Salvagery on Wrondel- fundraiser for Future Kind, local charity futurekind.org- provides underprivileged communities around the world help with educational resources. BBQ and local music showcase of interesting local bands, and also educating the community some conscious and cultural styles of electronic music. meet and greet for the artists, etc. will be showing films various types of music and have local art as well. AND full plate of food!
  • 9/21- play at HOME at the new Rise nightclub downtown
  • 9/22- 90s party at Seven in West Street Market- games, costume contests etc

Oh – and we didn’t talk about it on the show, but right before, during the ‘preshow’, we found a dead mouse in the backyard. Rory sat down near it and must have bumped it because when we looked it was moving a lot and then about 15 maggots came swarming out. There are only 3 in the picture, but there were lots more that ran. SOOOOO fucking creepy!

And thanks for listening!

Offending Jeff Done – S2 E24

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Season 02
Offending Jeff Done - S2 E24

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S2 E23

No really – we totally offended him on this episode!

So, I’m a little drunk and blazed as I write this. More so than usual. I kinda forgot what day it was and that I needed to put this up – kinda lost track with visiting the hospital and stuff. On that note, thank you Reno for being such a kick ass town! We have raised over $4,000 for Kelly Proud while she is laid up in the ICU. Fuck your mystery ailment, Stitch! We miss you!

Anyway, I would like to proudly announce that in this episode we actually offend Jeff Done. Listen for it! He even says so. We take a little journey back through his musical career, From ‘Pennies’ to ‘Tiny Private Dancer’, which is featured in the upcoming Reno movie, Nowhere Nevada. Jeff might come off like a slobbering bulldog, but he is a pretty damn good songwriter, singer and lyricist. Who’da thunk that this punk Reno thug would keep being this talented!?! During the podcast we talk a bunch about Ty Fritzsching, former lead guitar for Stevedave; the Stevedave, Dump Your Boyfriends and Dale Kellams show over the weekend; and a whole lot of other mildly offensive things. We learn a lot of revealing things about Jeff an Lydia during the Worst Little Quiz when the gloves come off!

We were actually supposed to have all of Stevedave on the show, but everybody forgot, so we just got Jeff… OK… So really, I’m drunk and just want to get this done. lots of cool stuff this weekend – listen and find out, bitches!

Thanks for Listening!

Blowing Up the Sub-Sub-Culture: Oliver Ex – S2 E8

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Season 02
Blowing Up the Sub-Sub-Culture: Oliver Ex - S2 E8

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Happy Spring!!!!!

Oliver Ex

We forgot to take pictures so I stole this from his Facebook.

Local underground media mogul Oliver Ex joins us in the studio today. If you don’t know who Oliver is, you should. He is an on-air personality, event producer and his big current project is as the managing editor of Reno Tahoe Tonight. RTT is a 3 year old independent magazine devoted to the “other side” of Reno. (You may remember that they covered WLP back in Oct 2011 – just more proof that they will write about anything.) Oliver was a lot of fun to talk to and jumped right into the shallow end of the gene pool with us. He is a sincere and driven dreamer who has fallen in love with the arts community of this town, and rightly so!


The many faces of Oliver Ex. They are all smiling!

Chewie is back this week and busts out some tunes from the vault. We have three tracks from some pedigreed and storied Reno bands that we think you’ll enjoy. Second hand Jive, Dump Your Boyfriends and Werm are all risen from the dead on this episode. Good stuff.

Anyway, that’s all I have this week. Thanks for listening.

P.S. – Rintoo, the Demon Swamp Kitteh, had to be put down last night, 3/21, due to injuries sustained by a run-in with a car. The Dowds are going to miss her a lot. She was a really fucking good  cat.


Rintoo - 2009-2012