Glynn, Xelena and Hanna – Mind Bending Possibilities – S4 E1

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Season 04
Glynn, Xelena and Hanna - Mind Bending Possibilities - S4 E1

It’s a whole new world!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S4 E1

It’s the first show of a brand new season! It has been a giant blast to have been with you all for the last three years and we hope you stay with us for many more!

This week’s lineup is more random than usual. First up, our musical guest, Glynn Osburn. At first glance, he’s a typical Reno skate punk, but Glynn runs much deeper than that. Having been brought up on the teat of Reno music, Glynn has himself entered into the ring and brings powerful vocals and killer music writing. He’s been making the rounds at a lot of open mics in 2013, so I don’t think it’s going to be much longer before we see this guy in a band.

Glynn Osburn on the Worst Little Podcast


Additionally, we have visiting with us Hanna Rodgers, owner of Centurian publishing. Centurian iteslf is an adult erotica catalogue that has been in business (including “male” order) since the 1960s. The publishing company however also puts out a number of fetish or BDSM magazines including titles like Forced Womanhood (submitted males), Enslaved Sissies (submitted males) and Transformations (transgendered). She talks about her publishing company and a little about the fetish scene, but mainly she came in to support our final guest…

Hanna Rodgers on the Worst Little Podcast in the World


Xelena! Empress of the Impossible! Xelena is professional mentalist here in Reno, divining your thoughts from the mysteries of the cosmos in some ineffable way that will mystify and mesmerize your mind! She set up a trick with The Rev at the open mic last week and this was the conclusion of that. Batting 1.000 on the show, Xelena proceeds to pluck the answers to puzzles out of seemingly thin air! Additionally, she sealed a Superbowl sports book ticket in an envelope and gave it to Reverend Rory in anticipation of this week’s big game. The reveal is going to be at the open mic night on 2/3 – you should show up to check it out.

Xelena, Mistress of the Impossible, on The Worst Little Podcast

Additionally Xelena has a show coming up on February 16 – a Gallery of Mystery and Fetish at the Wildflower Village, featuring Mental Mysteries, Erotic Art, and Gender-Bending Humor, Some of the art samples will be out of Hanna Rodger’s personal and extensive collection.

That’s all for now.
Thanks for listening!
It’s gonna be a great season!

sCHIZoPOLITANs – The Soundtrack to your Imagination – S3 E21

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Season 03
sCHIZoPOLITANs - The Soundtrack to your Imagination - S3 E21

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E20

So – partying on the Fourth kicked my ass. There’s lots of awesome things I want to say about the Schizopolitans, like that they’re badass. And that Xtevion, Andy Jorgensen, and Hector Urtubia are rocket scientists of music with their Hard Ambient Goth Atonal Jazz Industrial Techno Avant-garde Freestyle Dance Noise ethic. Or that they are an intense experience with sweat and cursing and a room packed full of electronics and wires and keyboards and computers. Or that they are an unique experience in Reno music. I could also say that you should check out The Schizopolitans on their bandcamp page for tons of free music. Or that you can catch them while you “Get Wood!” at the Strega 5-year Anniversary Party on July 12th.


I could also call The Schizopolitans self-indulgent twats, but I wouldn’t do that.


I’m not going to say any of that, because I’m exhausted – enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for listening.

Hector from the Scizopolitans on the worst little podcast

Smooth and suave, Hector’s on the knobs

Andy from The Scizopolitans on the Worst Little Podcast

They call Andy ‘Mr. Excitement’

Xtevion playing a homemade instrument.

Xtevion slapping his big black stick.

Merkin: Don’t Ask What This Song Is About – S3 E12

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Season 03
Merkin: Don't Ask What This Song Is About - S3 E12

Holy audio overload, Batman!

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S03 E12

Greetings, Worsters! Lovely to see you today. Are you having a good day? Does this seem a little weird? It should, because I’m buttering you up before you get into the hot ear mess that is this week’s episode. We have Merkin in the studio and the boys do not disappoint. They record a couple songs for the first time EVAR here on the podcast.

Dane DeLucci of Merkin with his mouth open on The Worst Little Podcast

Dane – always with the talking…

Other Highlights include:

  • Dane drinking Reverend Rory’s Coffee
  • Dane and Alán arguing
  • Dane talking too loud
  • Dane tuning his guitar
  • And so on…

It’s a good thing these boys are talented, because this show is just a trainwreck!

Alan Burton of Merkin on The Worst Little Podcast 20130 4 22

Burton – ask for it by name


Jeremy Morrow of Merkin on The Worst Little Podcast, pretending to drink rice out of a water bottle shaker

Jeremy – pounding rice

It’s not actually as bad as all that – Merkin is a fun bunch of guys that we love and it was great to have them back on the show (mostly). We also spend a few minutes with new friend of the show, Will C! Will is a good ol’ boy from MissouRAH, like The Rev. He took a few to warm up and then dove right into the show with a couple zingers. Will C will be appearing at the Pioneer Underground this Friday and Saturday for three shows. A veteran as well as funnyman, Will C informs us that the shows will be a fundraiser to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, so get out there and support a great cause while you laugh and drink.

Photo of Will C sitting in a recliner wearing a red cape, green bow tie, brown cowboy boots and nothing else while holding a bible in his lap, staring off camera

Comedian Will C – as featured on the show

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the other white elephant in the room – Another Return of Chewie!!!! It’s good to have our boy back!

The Reverend’s Show Picks of the Week:
Friday – Creative Coalition Midtown Block Party (Midtown)
Saturday – The Kanes Black Magic CD release party (The Knit)

Anyway, Thanks For Listening!!!

Josh Martin's face in a heart

We missed you, Chewie