(chris) Fox and Friends – EXCLUSIVE – S9 E20

Season 09
Season 09
(chris) Fox and Friends - EXCLUSIVE - S9 E20

Helloooooooooooooooooooo, pod-fans! Hot off the presses, we’ve got some new developments to let you know about. We never fail to bring you some of the coolest new happenings around town! This week, it’s the release of Chris Fox‘s new solo album and the world premiere performance of Greg Burdick’s “Monessen Falls” at Good Luck MacBeth!

informational poster for Monesson Falls - please refer to blog post

Once again, Good Luck Macbeth brings us something new and exciting; this time it’s in the form of the first production of the New Works Initiative, Greg Burdick’s “Monessen Falls“. We have a great time with actors, Aaron and Bryce, and director, Sandra Neace. Accomplished thespians around, they are all excited to bring to life the story of brothers Kip and Ethan. We don’t want to spoil the story too much, but from the GLM website:

Secrets buried deep are exposed. Old wounds are made fresh. And sibling rivalries scale new heights with potentially frightening consequences. Just as the town of Monessen has found a way to reinvent itself beyond the long-gone glory days of its Steel City heritage, so must two brothers… whose relationship has rusted, after years of neglect.

Aaron laughing to himself, Bryce speaking and Sandra looking on
Aaron, Bryce and Sandra of “Monesson Falls”

Chris Fox is also bring something new to the stages, and streets of Reno. Longtime punk troubadoor and Reno ambassador to the world, Fox has toured around the world and the nation with many bands for the better part of the last decade. (It’s really hard to catch him in town.) However, for the first time, Fox has put together a compilation of his own songs. Tracked and recorded entirely by his own bad self, the album is a tribute to … well, Chris. The live release was busking around town on Wednesday night and, bittersweetly, all the physical merch he had was sold out quickly! The rest of us will have to wait until Friday to BUY IT ONLINE!

Chris Fox, beardless, smiling and waving while holding a guitar
The Fabulous Chris Fox

ANywhoo… get out of here. Listen to the show. Have fun.
And: thanks for Listening!