Asphalt Socialites – Laugh Riot – S11 E2

Season 11
Season 11
Asphalt Socialites - Laugh Riot - S11 E2

A wise man once said, “Be prepared to spend a lot of time laughing with your friends.” This week is no exception. Wild and glamorous like an oil slick in a high-end garage, we are excited to welcome the Asphalt Socialites back to the studio for the first time since 2017. I haven’t laughed this hard all year.

Ken, Ian, Robb and Travis all assembled

How many antics can you get to in one interview? Besides some jokes and stories, we were treated to some literal bathroom humor from Ken, Travis ran laps in a theater – and then drove home on the call. And let’s not mention how Robb tricked the whole band into showing up with false promises of treats.

Asphalt Socialites

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