Jackie Dilworth – The Jackalope Speaks – S11 E9

Worst Little Podcast
Worst Little Podcast
Jackie Dilworth - The Jackalope Speaks - S11 E9

We continue Women’s March by inviting back to the show, the noted Northern Nevada writer, producer, and educator. That’s actually a really short list of things Jackie does – she’s an accomplished performer and a well known name in many communities throughout the state.

Jackie Dilworth at Dogwater Studios, in front of a movie poster of "Harvey"
Jackie Dilworth

Jackie is the host of The Jackalope Hour, a weekly music program broadcast from Goldfield, NV (and available on KWNK, mixcloud or ShoutingFire). The conversation ranges far and wide this week as Jackie is an eloquent conversationalist, the official unoffical Mayor of NadaDada and a woman of hidden talents. There is a lot of history and memories in this show, so buckle up and take your Metamucil for this trip down Memory Lane.

As a fellow audiophile, and with better access than us, Jackie was able to put together a playlist of some of her favorite female performers in the Reno area. For your musical enjoyment, we have a curated show with music from Lily Baran, Kung Fu Sophie, Roxxy Collie and Grace Hayes. It’s a delightful musical adventure with some good friends and powerful voices.

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