Tom Gordon – For the Record – S12 E34

Season 12
Season 12
Tom Gordon - For the Record - S12 E34

Wham! Just like that: another day, another episode! Although it’s another week of canned music – this is the good stuff. Iconic Reno-based sound engineer Tom Gordon stops by to share with us more stories from behind the scenes in the glamorous life of an audio recording professional.

Tom and Dr. D are celebrating 40 years of recording at the (now) iMirage Sound Lab. It just so happens that Tom brought some of his favorite tracks from over the years, along with their backstories. Much of the work is out of love, for the music, but also for others, including Battle Scar, a production benefitting the American Indian Graduate Center and Washoe County School District Music Education and also the greatest Rush song you’ve never heard of – tune in to catch the rest of the story!

TOm GOrdon, smiling and giving two thumbs up
Tom Gordon

We could talk to Tom all day about his adventures in engineering, but all good things come to an end, until next time – always next time. We do have some great events to plug – this weekend’s Punk Rock Flea Market Fleas the Season, and a kickass kickoff preshow and grand after party! A great time to get some DIY gifts for the holidays and beyond. It is a family event – kiddos 12 and under are free – with events like the plushie pit, the popular car smash, full size whack-a-human, rage yoga and more.

As always, thanks for listening.

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