Thünderhead – Keep Jerkin’ Around – S5 E28

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Season 05
Thünderhead - Keep Jerkin' Around - S5 E28

Wake up and smell the hot metal!

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Thünderhead comes in and slays the studio this week. Damn! Rader Hendrix, Layne Roberts and Carlos Pintor swagger in with their long hair and cool t-shirts and tattoos and absolutely lived up to the hype. “Thrash Motorhead” is about the best I can come up with to describe it in a nutshell. Intense and wailing and full tilt, Thünderhead was a blast in the face, even just here in the studio. They’ve got a lot of shows coming up in the next few months, so really really really get up and check them out.

Rader Hendrix, biting the neck of his guitar and looking fierce.

Hungry to rock!

Layne Roberts smirking at the camera


Carlos Pintor of Thunderhead, pointing at the camera

Carlos is coming for YOU!

At the top of the show we also take a call with Kate Atak, one of the stars of “Clown Bar“, a play by Adam Szymkowicz, and Vaude Villian’s latest production at Good Luck MacBeth. The interview with Kate is lots of fun – including a bit of a sneak teaser from the show – and I could talk to her for hours about theater and shows in Reno. She plays PoPo, a clown with… impulse control issues, we’ll say. But that’s not what’s important here; what’s important is “Clown Bar”. Holy shitballs! Let me say that again: HOLY SHITBALLS! While some people may find clowns disturbing (like my girlfriend who accompanied me), I have always had a love for carnivals and circuses and clowns. Chalk it up to “Pink Elephants on Parade”, whatever.

“Clown Bar” is a unique look at the back alley tents inhabited by the lowest common denominator of clown. The Vaude Villian production is accompanied by a wholesome and charming balloon sculpture opening act with John Wade, a brief film and other interactive sideshow acts that really set the tone and mood for the next hour of your life. Ryan Kelly, leads as Happy, an ex-clown turned cop, investigating his brother’s whereabouts. He, Atak, and others (spoilers!) lend memorable performances to Ashley Marie James’ directorial debut.

The show is a knockout; cheap laughs at tragic jokes abound in this gritty comedy. The entire cast and theater came together, creating a not-so-Big top atmosphere that fully draws the audience into the show. This Vaude Villian cast was a well-oiled, drunken, lampooning machine. I was thoroughly devilishly delighted and tickled throughout the whole show; even my girlfriend went from mildly terrified to simply unnerved truly enjoyed the show and the performances of the night.

Like “Evil Dead: The Musical” last year, “Clown bar” is shaping up to be a sellout run. The show is playing weekends throughout the end of October, with a final show on Halloween night. Get yourself some tickets at

clown bar

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