the scattering – conquer and survive – S10 E5

Season 10
Season 10
the scattering - conquer and survive - S10 E5

And we’re back. Our guests this week are the fine lads from the scattering: Jim, Jason, Rash and Brian! They are Reno’s hottest barbershop quartet, harmonizing and crooning their way into our hearts. Just kidding – the scattering is Reno hardcore metal, screaming and burrowing its way into your brains.


Chewie is back in Reno and swaps in for Nick this week. It’s always good to have him in person as opposed to the Evil Chewie that lives in the soundboard.

In the five years since they were last on the show, there have been some changes, including the addition of Rash and a whole mess of new songs. We got to talk to the scattering about their upcoming album, sinking, later this year (Humaniterrorist) and the Great Vinyl Shortage of 2020. You can listen to earlier recordings on their bandcamp page and keep up with the timeline of the release.

Brian holding a cymbal

We also talk with Jim about his youtube channel, Goatlord Hiking. He and Brian traipse around in the wilds, making mistakes, overcoming them and filming it all for later info and skill building. This is not day hiking – this is survival hiking, and sometimes, things can go really wrong.

jim holding his Goatloard Hiking water bottle

As always, the end of the show is a recap of upcoming events you want to be on the lookout for. I can’t remember it all right now, so you’ll just have to listen for yourself.


Thanks for listening!

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