The Fellow Knees – Folk Off – S6 E18

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Season 06
The Fellow Knees - Folk Off - S6 E18

Well shut the front door!

The Worst Little Podcast 2016 07 11

It’s a fantastic podcast straight out of the Dogwater Studios – sans The Reverend! The Fellow Knees breeze through the studio before they leave Reno on a “tour”, couch surfing across the Pacific Northwest in their bid for world domination. The Fellow Knees are Lex White and Zach Ostgaard, a home-free folk/Americana/bluegrass duo. While they might seem a train-wreck, these boys sure have the goods.

Lex White laughing over his guitar with a full red beard

Lex White

The Fellow Knees willed themselves into existence sometime in the very recent past, evolving out of the Reno underbelly of open mics and riverside jam-sessions. Their quest is murky; their purpose, unclear; but they are golden hearted and undaunted. And really – some fine fine musicianship right here, both with the instruments and the voices. This episode is a real treat.

Rick Baker, closeup of his bald head, heavily photoshopped

The enigmatic, Mr. Baker

Also, in the studio, we have WLP’s own Rick “Mr. Baker” Baker. Mr. Baker was a contestent/featured artist at the first annual Reno Chalk Art Festival. He made pretty things and hurt his body for art. Listen to the full story on the show!

Anyway, catch you in three weeks with Sit Kitty Sit!
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