The Dilworths – Changing of the Guard – S4 E3

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Season 04
The Dilworths - Changing of the Guard - S4 E3

Aaaaaand we’re back.

The Worst Little Podcast – 2014 02 10

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Lots to talk about on the show this week! Besides promoting the final show of the Tribute to The Hazards of Love, we get a chance to talk with our first father and son guests at Dogwater. Friend of the show, James Dilworth stops by again with a bag of tricks and a bunch of new projects including upcoming films and a book of collected works! James is also heavily involved with NadaGras, an offshoot of the world-famous Nada Dada motel art show that started in Reno, that you can catch at the Morris Burner Hotel, March 7-9.

He's a cat-man: James Dilworth

He’s a cat-man: James Dilworth


This time, James is also accompanied by his father, Jim Dilworth, a long-time Reno musician. After working the casino circuit for years, Jim has also made a go playing traditional Irish folk music in taverns and watering holes around Reno, especially for the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Father and son team up to play for us some traditional jigs and ballads.


Pied Piper, Jim Dilworth

Pied Piper, Jim Dilworth


We also field a phone call from comedian Jym Bettencourt who will be appearing the weekend at the Knitting Factory woth a host of local comedians. Jym is always strange and exciting to talk to and delivers some laughs as ususal. Exciting weekend ahead, including the Skate Jam at Jub jub’s and Burn it or Buy it at the Generator and Empress Xelena’s Erotic Mentalist show at Wildflower Village. Get out and see something neat!!!

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