Steve Funk – Dude Abides – S10 E23

Season 10
Season 10
Steve Funk - Dude Abides - S10 E23

Welcome, Contestants! Thanks for joining us once again. If you haven’t noticed, the COVID crisis has had an effect on the show – namely, they are late and much less verbose. We normally tried to get shows out before the weekend, to help promote the venues and live happenings. As that is much less of a priority these days, we are now going to just be publishing the shows on Mondays. There’s been shifts in all of our lives and it’s really much simpler to publish them on Monday. AND I promise to do my best to have something to say, even if it’s nonsensical, even if I’m feeling run-down and not up to it. (I hope somebody reads these. It’s the closest I’ve got to legitimate writing publication in the last 5 years.) Anywhoo….

Steve Funk, Reno radio legend, in a multi-colored shirt playing a bass guitar.
Steve Funk

Joining us this week is a voice any Renoite knows from infancy: the talented and gregarious Godfather of Reno Rock, Mr. Steve Funk. Steve took some time out of his busy travel schedule to stop in and- just kidding, It’s another Zoom Room show!! We did have a blast talking to Steve about his experiences in radio and music in Reno over the last few decades. The only problem was – not enough time!!! We had to force ourselves to stop talking so we could listen to the songs! (ok- like the pro he is, Steve Funk drove the bus for Rev. Rory and showed him how it’s done, even with a busted Winnebago like this show. Don’t worry, we’ll have him back)

Additionally, Steve brings us a sampling of his own original music over the years, including a little ditty about Reno that you’ll just have to listen to hear more about.

Stay safe. Wear your damn mask. “Don’t trust Whitey.”

Thanks for listening

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