Split Persona – Whisper to a Scream – S13 E11

Season 13
Season 13
Split Persona - Whisper to a Scream - S13 E11

Welcome back my friends to the pod that never ends!
We kick things off with a greeting from Clerks 1, 2, & 3 actor Jeff Anderson (Randal)! Thanks dude! After a killer opening tune we meet our guests Split Persona, making their WLP debut!

split persona drum head
split persona

Splitting Image is: Zander- guitar lead vox, Brogan -guitar vox, Jacob- bass, Mike- drums, and their roadie/security/manager, Anthony.
All young dudes in their early twenties. We dive into their tours and early days when they formed,four short years ago. Consisting of three native Nevadans and a Floridian transplant, Split Persona is a tight unit, ready for commercial hard rock radio. Intense songs with cool grungy guitar and a sound that is heavy, beautiful, harmonious and intense.

These dudes have great chemistry , musically and socially. High energy and drive keeps their dream alive even when the road leads to nights with alpacas, empty rooms, mornings with goats and the death of the van.  It’s quite a journey. Of course we give the guys the worst little quiz and find out that they’re not afraid to get dirty. We had so much fun, the show runs a little long. Totally worth it. We hope to see Split Persona again.
Thanks for listening!
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