Spike McGuire and Fun Home – Graphic Drama – S9 E15

Season 09
Season 09
Spike McGuire and Fun Home - Graphic Drama - S9 E15

‘Sup, nerds.

It’s time for your weekly installment of the finest lowbrow art and culture that Reno can offer! This week’s antics are brought to you by FRIEND OF THE SHOW, Spike McGuire, and the cast of Fun Home, the Good Luck MacBeth summer musical! Director Jesse Briggs and actors Malary Engstrom and Imani Valle join us. Imani, a young version of the lead character, is one of the youngest guests we have had the pleasure of having on the show. SO, for the first half of the show is a riveting game of “Don’t Cross the Line!” Play along at home and guess who is the first to say something naughty!

Show poster for Fun Home, running July 5-27 at Good Luck MacBeth. details ant tickets available at www.goodluckmacbeth.org

Fun Home opens at GLM Friday, July 5 and runs through July 27, with 14 performances. The Artown opening weekend show is 90 minutes long and only one act, so be sure to get a drink at the bar… and then get a couple more drinks before you walk away. Livers gotta stay hydrated too!

perpetually bald Spike McGuire singing and playing guitar

THEE Spike McGuire is as entertaining as he is loquacious, as usual. Upcoming for him is a really big event – Loud As Folk at the 4th of July at Pignic, Spike will be releasing his new album! Following that, on August 28th, Spike will be headlining the Valhalla Boathouse Showroom!! Featured performers at this prestigious event include Sam Chase, Jesse and Jenny of Dead Winter Carpenters, Rach-bot and Buffalo Moses.

Coming up this weekend is a great show – The Grimtones at Taste of Chicago! ToC is celebrating their 3rd anniversary with a rock show! go see some rad folks and eat some good food, maybe ask for a shot of Malort and tell them the podcast sent ya!

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S9 E15

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