Smiley Mikey – Irrepressibly Optimistic – S10 E41

Season 10
Season 10
Smiley Mikey - Irrepressibly Optimistic - S10 E41

Don’t call it a comeback, cause he’s been here for years! We welcome back Season Two Contestant, Smiley Mikey! While it’s been a long time since we’ve heard from him, Mike has not stopped creating – music, art or some occasional controversy.

Cowboy Smiley

With a new album amidst the political and social chaos of 2020, Mike has not steered away from tackling the biggest issues of the day – staying positive and productive and evolving. Mike gives the listeners a creator-eye view of the songs. He also has a ton of videos on youtube to check out.

not-so-smiley mikey

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