Sit Kitty Sit and the Mysteriously Late Podcast

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Sit Kitty Sit and the Mysteriously Late Podcast

nope – no mystery, actually. Rev. Rory is a dumbass and forgot to post it while repainting and doing trim in his house this weekend.

In case you’ve missed it, our guests Sit Kitty Sit have been on the show many times. Well, when fact checking, we realize we just talk about them a lot and it’s been a few years since they’ve actually been on ye olde WLP.

SKS has not been taking this quarantine sitting down. NO! They’ve managed to continue to wow their audiences with virtual sets via Zoom! (the very service they suggested to us to keep the podcast going in quarantine) Most recently, they had a rousing set with Mark Earnest of Vague Choir and Michelle Belle of The Grimtones. You should be able to check out those streams on the respective bands’ fb pages.

Mark and Michelle’s performances can be found in the ‘discussion of this page:

That’s all I got this week. Stay healthy. Stay Home.
Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening

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