S13E34 Deadly Gallows: Pirates of the High Desert

Season 13
Season 13
S13E34 Deadly Gallows: Pirates of the High Desert

A vast ye matey! This week we have Reno pirate punk rock royalty, The Deadly Gallows! With John Underwood on banjo and trumpet, Hector Acevedo on guitar, Jason Ricketts on accordion, Jason Gingerballs on drums, Skylar Powers on bass, Alan Lyons on violin and mandolin, and Alex, the reluctant sax player. 

John Underwood
Alan Lyons
Jason Ricketts

Our guest host, the lovely Sophia Shortz, joins us again and Lee the intern learns what a nightmare scenario recording a shipload of pirates can be. Luckily master engineer Dogwater Dick sussed out computer difficulties, instrument pick up problems and comforting Pongo the dog, who like Sophia is not a fan of the saxophone. 

Guest Host Sophia Shortz
Alex, the reluctant sax man

We had a tricky but rewarding time getting this one out for you scallywags! The Gallows have been around for like fifteen years and despite the ups and downs of life & death on the sonic high seas of music, they’re determined to keep venturing on and just get better and better. The Deadly Gallows are releasing a new 5 song EP and their mortal enemies GRIMEDOG and Beach Master are planning on showing up early and stealing the show.

Jason “Gingerballs”
Hector Acevedo
Skylar Powers

It’s basically Halloween, so everyone is encouraged to show up as the beach master, a grimedog or a pirate. West Street Market,148 West St, All ages, Doors at 8pm, music at 9pm, $15 at the door but $10 if dressed up. Admission includes a copy of The Deadly Gallows’s new EP “Skull Duggery” with entry.

So climb aboard and set sail with us and one of the funnest band of scoundrels out there. 

Life is short! Be a pirate! Arrrrrrggghhhh!

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