Pink Awful – Goes Down Good – S7 E1

Put on your smashin’ shoes!

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I try not to be jaded, but let’s face it – I’ve been watching bands in bars or basements for 25+ years, most of that in Reno. A lot of bands walk down the same tracks, no? But like All of us I genuinely love NEW music; music that defies generalization and genre, pigeon-holes and styles; music that hits me in the face like a big, wet fish. LAIDEEZ AND GENNELMEN! For our LAST EPISODE OF SEASON 6! I present for your listening enjoyment: PINK AWFUL!

Ashley costelloe, singer for Pink Awful


Bernie Paterson, guitar for Pink Awful


Pink Awful is an indie-noise-rock band out of Reno NV. It’s a little hard to pin down; they have a lot of obvious and subtle musical influences ranging from – frankly – the 50s to the 90s. With the technical proficiency and musical knowledge of al the members, they can help but be stinkin’ good. Pink Awful is: Ashley Costelloe, Vocals; Mike Miller, Guitar/Vox; Bernie Paterson, Guitar/Vox; Emily Dunster, Bass; Brendan Dalton, Drums. And when I say they are “stinkin’ good”, I mean they are really effing talented with on-point musical proclivities.

Emily Dunster, bass for Pink Awful


Mike Miller - Guitar and vocals for Pink Awful


They say they don’t have any shows lined up because – well, listen to the show, and they’ll tell  you. But I think It’s really mostly that the Reno scene just doesn’t know yet – that people don’t KNOW that they NEED to hear this band. Reno, welcome to a new favorite addiction – Pink Awful! hit up that FB page and make them book a show! (maybe May Marianarchy ?!?!?)

Brendan Dalton, drummer for Pink Awful



This weekend is the celebration of Marshall Compton’s life at the Morris Burner Hotel. I mean it when I say – life is short and I love you.

Next week is the start of Season & and February First Friday at Foxy Olive with Jeff Done. I hope to see you peoples out and about.

Thanks For Listening.

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