Pierre Marche – It’s Too Hot in Here – S11 E20

Season 11
Season 11
Pierre Marche - It's Too Hot in Here - S11 E20

Hello everyone. It is June and we are already in the middle of some nightmarish heatwave! But that isn’t important; what’s important is this week’s wonderful guest: Pierre Marche, here with us with his third EP and his muse/sort-of producer, Loren! Pierre’s music is currently streaming on all platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp, etc.), so if you like what you hear, be sure to check him out on there! .

Pierre Marche

Throughout the wonderfully terrible pandemic, unlike a lot of people who just sat around complaining about lockdown, Pierre and Loren traveled a bunch, and even went to Mexico; Pierre was also very musically active during COVID, and he worked on a lot of great things (some of which you’ll get to hear about if you listen to the episode).

Loren the Muse

Anything else you wanna know, you’re just gonna have to listen to the show. Not that you don’t already plan on it, this stuff isn’t even that interesting to read anyways, but in case you were indecisive, listen to the show, hear some great music and the normal…chaos of everyone! – RaggMopp

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