Myke Read & the Damn Ole Band – S9 E26

Season 09
Season 09
Myke Read & the Damn Ole Band - S9 E26

Hello! Welcome to the Worst Little Podcast in the world. This week we’re bringing you some great country tunes and some SERIOUS shenanigans from Reno’s own Myke Read & the Damn Ole Band! Press play!

Myke Read and the Damn Ole Band is: Myke Read – Vocals/Guitar; Pancho – Bass; Darla Lawless A.K.A. “The Pistol” – Vocals/Guitar; Jim “Lefty” Lewis – Drums; “Mad Dog” Mike Mitchell – Guitars. See them next October 26th at the Wayside Bar in Lemmon Valley.

Thanks to the band for being here this week. If you like what we do head to our Patreon page and kick Rick a few dollars. For $5 a month you get the extra special weekly sound check show just for subscribers. This week’s Patreon show is wacky and totally worth it.

We’re back next week with newcomer Dan Abbott and the cast of GLM’s Let the Right One In! Thanks for listening!

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