Momo – That’s All You Need To Know – S11 E8

Season 11
Season 11
Momo - That's All You Need To Know - S11 E8

It’s not just the people on stage who make a scene happen – a ‘B-side’ to making shows happen. It’s also the promoters and booking agents who shed blood sweat and tears backstage, before, during and after every show. This week’s guest, Momo of Momo Promo, is no stranger to the trials and tribulations of being the go-between liason to venues and performers.

Momo Promo

We get a chance to talk to Momo about bringing shows to Reno, the good times and the bad. We also spend a moment talking about her new project, Hanging Out Thursdays, a videocast featuring interviews with local bands! Next weekend, Momo Promo is also one of the hosts and sponsors of “Drag In Roll: A Virtual Benefit for Eddy House“. Follow the link for more details.

Bust photo of Momo, dressed in black with a bondage collar, sitting on a fuzzy pink couch in front of a poster that says 'Go To Hell', with index and middle fingers in front of her lips
Momo – “Go To Hell”

For your listening enjoyment, and in honor of Women’s March, Momo has also brought us a playlist of some of her favorite woman-fronted acts that she’s been able to bring to Reno. It’s a fantastic lineup we think you’ll enjoy. This delayed episode brought to you by COVID vaccinations – we (Rory) will be better about this next week – we (he) swears!

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