Kat Heart/Kid Rocker – S10 E9

Season 10
Season 10
Kat Heart/Kid Rocker - S10 E9

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Worst Little Podcast! We’re here with two amazing ladies, Kat Heart and Melanie to talk about life in the Reno music scene and Kid Rocker. I can’t think of a better combo for our second week of Women’s March. Press play!

Kat Heart

Kat has been playing in Reno for about a year and a half now. Catch her weekly at Rue Bourbon and occasionally at open mic night at Pignic! She’ll be performing this Friday at Rue Bourbon with next week’s podcast guest Miranda Rose!


Our good friend Melanie is here to talk about Kid Rocker, a non profit started by friend of the show Lucas Paul. Their mission is to provide music education and performance opportunities to at risk kids in our community. Head to Facebook for more info.

Proof of Rick’s goth days

Big thanks to Mel and Kat for hanging out with us this week! It was a great time! Join us next week for our third week of Women’s March shows featuring Miranda Rose. Thanks for listening!

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