Franc Friday – This Isn’t Even My Final Form – S11 E15

Season 11
Season 11
Franc Friday - This Isn't Even My Final Form - S11 E15

The turn of a season, the promise of a turn in the tide: this the stage is set for this week’s guest, Franc Friday. New and unexpected things from this quadrant – like many, Franc spent the past year getting his experimental introspection on . Instead of plying his wordsmithing to his beats, he dropped a full solo album, “Once More Lost in the Post,” with vocals and songwriting recently. It’s a real treat, so I don’t want to spoil too much for you, but I think without giving anything away, we can tell you that it is darkly evocative music that calls you to follow it, each song to the next.

Franc in a black facemask, black backwards ball cap and pointing at the viewer with two fingers on a black-gloved hand
Franc Friday

Frank Friday (aka Evynn Tyler) is more than just a rapper and musician though., He’s also a pretty face. I kid – Evynn is a talented writer and professional committed to human and civil rights and literacy initiatives (but he’s totally been a model too) You can check out his more erudite creative outputs over at

So! In the interests of jump starting this live music and entertainment thing, we were thinking it would be cool to have a central place for people to find out what’s happening around town… like a grid or something like that… So, here’s your first Installment of: The Worst Little Grid

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A graphic format of upcoming events
Worst Little Grid – Week of 05/14-04/20/21

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