Fighting the Future – Full Scream Ahead – S4 E11

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Season 04
Fighting the Future - Full Scream Ahead - S4 E11

Out with the old and in with the new!

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Hey boys and girls! Do you like music? Yes? Do you like punk rock music? Yes? That’s awesome! We just happen  to have a young pop punk band from Reno NV, Fighting the Future, on the show this week! They sing and scream about all the FUN angst and SUPER EXCITING crushing disappointment in their lives!!! Isn’t that just the best?

Dylan Fuson - guitar for Fighting the Future pontificating

Dylan Fusion

We had a truly fun time with Dylan Fuson (guitar and vocals), Austin Aguera (guitar and vocals), Craig Schrader (drums) and Rachel Barr (bass and vocals) from Fighting the Future. They have been getting around town for the better part of the year in this lineup and are looking forward to a EP release show coming up on May 2nd.

Craig Schrader - drummer for Fighting the Future smiling politely behind a drumset

Craig Shredder

Rachel Barr mugging for the camera

Rachel Barrbituate

The guys are doing about the same. Nothing shocking to report yet, but Marianarchy X is on its way, so stay tuned for details.

Austin Aguera- guitar for Fighting the Future posing grandly

Austin Agueressive

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