Danny Horton – Silver Tongue Devil – S12 E6

Season 12
Season 12
Danny Horton - Silver Tongue Devil - S12 E6

The devil came to Greenville and our guest this week, Danny Horton (aka Jack Danny), took notice. He penned a beautiful song about it. That’s what Danny does with his original material, he writes about his experiences. Like the song that kicked off his adventure into a solo career, “Dear Miss Rose”, written while walking home from jail.

Danny Horton singing passionately while playing guitar
Danny Horton

Another song was written after hearing the sound of a distant train while washing dishes. Danny finds inspiration in everything. He’s a beautiful soul with wonderful stories. Each song is a tale told using his sweet Martin guitar, a kick drum, foot tamb and that voice: sometimes weathered vagabond, sometimes smooth crooner and other times hooten and hollerin’. He knows his vocal instrument well and has emotion and range. I liken it to outlaw country folk with a bit of punk rock aesthetic.  He’s one of the rare musicians who crosses over and can play punk shows or honkytonks. If X, Hank III, Larry And His Flask, Chris Stapleton, Willie Nelson were some kind of festival line up, Danny Horton would fit the bill.

Drum head for Danny Horton, black with yellow racing stripes and a 'DH' monogram.
He’s got the beat. Yeah, He’s got the beat.

We hear some road stories from the “Jack Danny” days, when he earned his nickname, to sober Danny Horton days, still getting harassed by the man. Most of us have known Danny for decades now and couldn’t be more proud of the artist and man he’s become. You can find his album Dear Miss Rose on all the usual platforms (coming soon to bandcamp as well).

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