Broken Hearts, Lonely Hearts – S2 E3

Hello future test subjects!

Unfortunately, there is no show this week! Again! As much as we love him, Dogwater Dick is not superhuman or immune to disease. He gets sick like normal people. It just always  seems to happen at the same time as something important… like my wedding! Or for the Mary Jane Rocket show! Don’t worry though; he’ll be all fixed in a jiffy and we’ll get them rescheduled right quick! And I didn’t end up standing in the middle of the street flipping him off, again.

I’m sure we all had wonderful weekends and lots of terribly exciting things happened. What does Nick’s Journal have to say? Will Chewie ever be funny? Tune in next week for those answers and more amazing topics! In the meanwhile, Happy Valentines Day! Remember: It’s not about how much you love some one, but how hard you hit them…

…and thanks for listening!

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