Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt.1) – S2 E31

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Axe Trax and Imirage Sound Lab: Your Musical Heritage, Reno (Pt.1) - S2 E31

Listen up! This is some serious shit!

The Worst Little Podcast – 2012 09 24 (Part 1)

Tom and Nick love you.

So, we’ve talked about it and teased it since last year when we had him on, but it’s finally here: The Second Coming of Tom Gordon. And this time he brought friends and more music! Not just other music, but literally MORE tracks that are a part of the music and entertainment legacy of Reno. Specifically from Axe Trax Studios and Imirage Sound Lab. Joining him are Dr. Davis and Alan from Imiage. Dr. D is a pioneer of recording music in Reno, being a part of the first recording studios in Reno in the late 1970s and early 1980s. To hear him tell it, it wasn’t far off from wax cylinders and telegraph wires. As a musician and sound wizard, Dr. D has helped build the local recording industry, working with national acts and local bands alike. Alan… well, I dunno. I had to leave early and he didn’t get much of a chance to get a word in before I left. But he seemed really nice. I’d totally introduce him to my mom. (Not really, but that sounds nice doesn’t it.)

Kaysolike I was sayin’, Tom brought a lot of great songs from both  Axe Trax and Imirage spanning 30 years. This weekend, 9/29/2012, is the 30th Anniversary of the studio and they brought an enormous amount of  audio including Lee Greenwoond, Diana Ross, Lionel Ritchie and local music heroes, Cranium. Now – they brought all of this, but I wasn’t there, like I said. (I had to get down to the Blazing Mic at Jub Jub’s) I don’t know how much they played or what exactly, but the list is tremendous. I know they went for the full three hours again. And once again, we had to split the audio into two separate podcasts!

No really, Alan’s cool.

So, keep listening and we’ll pick this up on the flipside…..

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