Alfredo – Building Impermanence – S13 E19

Season 13
Season 13
Alfredo - Building Impermanence - S13 E19

And we’re back!
It was great meeting our new best friend Just Alfredo and his solo guitar looping instrumentals. Another member of the Spike McGuire army, he’s been tearing it up all over 4th street and at 10 Torr’s open mics and showcases.

a man in black jeans, white t-shirt, with long hair playing guitar and smiling serenely at his hands
Alfredo actual

Alfredo’s layered guitar constructions are sometimes reminiscent of spaghetti western music, surf, classical and psychedelic rock like Pink Floyd or The Mermen. We were fascinated with the process. Watching one person create all that sound is always intriguing.

a pedalboard with 6 pedals and a wah wah, and the musician's Chuck Talylor All Star clad feet
Feet and pedals (which means “feet”)

Having survived the pandemic and honing his craft, Alfredo is out and about creating music in several circles. He love’s collaboration and keeps very busy as an arborist as well! He’s playing this Friday , colabbing with the fantastic Haley Sawtell at the aforementioned 10 Torr on Mill Street at Atomik City!
Fun talk, fun quiz and great music.

long haired guy in black jeans and a white t-shirt crouching with his guitar to tune in a foot pedal
Alfredo engineering

We hope to see y’all rocking at Debauch-A-Reno this weekend in Wingfield Park. ALL AGES! Kids under 10 are  free! Visit Kadillac Kim at the Reno Punk Rock Flea Market booth and pick up a WLP t-shirt and ask about sponsor opportunities!

Life is short and we love you.
Thanks for listening.

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