Sit Kitty Sit – Hot Karl Bach – S6 E20

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Season 06
Sit Kitty Sit - Hot Karl Bach - S6 E20


The Worst Little Podcast – S6 E19

They are back and in perfect form – ladies and gentlemen, our good friends, Sit Kitty Sit!! Mike Thompson and Kat Downs are back in the studio for their yearly pilgrimage to Dogwater Studios – and this year, it was just for fun! They literally came to Reno to be on our podcast and play the most amazing songs for us to share with you! That not only includes the new track “Creeping”, but also a completely new, unrecorded track!!! (SKS fans should be changing their underwear right about now….twice)

Kat Downs, singer and pianist for Sit Kitty Sit, smoling while holding a lavender flower of some sort form the Dogwater Gardens

Kat ‘Flowers Make Me Happy’ Downs

The show is kind of a mess – but its always a good mess with SKS. The first 40 minutes are literally just hanging out with them and saying hello. Jump ahead if you want – they then play a block of 4(?) songs, ripping into us with the opening songs of their current set. FUCK! They’re so good! Sit Kitty Sit is jut moments (or weeks) away from heading back out to the East Coast to do an end of summer tour in Mike’s homeland. It’s a little ‘open ended’ of a tour, so if you know of a venue that needs them in the NE US, just hit them up on Facebook the night before you want them there. I’m sure it’ll be no problem.

Mike Thompson, drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, winking and 'shooting' at the camera with a 'finger gun'

Mike “How Do You Like Your Eggs” Thompson

The most interesting things happen to these folks. It’s not just cause they know how to find the coolest things; they create an atmosphere for cool things to happen to them. We all should be a little more like Sit Kitty Sit. Drink the Kool-Aid.

And thanks for Listening.


Mike Thompson, Drummer for Sit Kitty Sit, with his headphones on his head and drum mallets in hand


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