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Roxxy Collie – Snow Day! – S13 E6

Season 13
Season 13
Roxxy Collie - Snow Day! - S13 E6

(Due to the snow we received recently this show was barely pulled off. Braving the weather, a host and the band made it.)

Margy ford in a black shirt and pink scarf, smiling fo rthe camera
Margy Ford

Kicking off our annual celebration of Reno women on the scene, Women’s March brings us the sweet sounds of Roxxy Collie, a female-fronted quintet featuring the amazing vocal talent of Margy Ford. Songwriter and keyboardist Jon Cornell is joined by Jack Soft on guitar, Larry Cooper on bass, and WLP’s very own Nick Ramirez on drums, to form a quirky and dynamic rock band that highlights Margy’s vocals.

John Cornell, staring confidently from behind his keyboard
John Cornell

We talk about our weekend a little, discuss the options of an appropriate name for the  new album they’re working on, Jon’s unusual job and of course -birds!

Jack Soft, staring wide-eyed at the camera over his guitar
Jack Soft
Larry Cooper in a black t-shirt, playing bass
Larry Cooper

Margy asks the band some questions and gives us the upcoming show lowdown.
One of our favorite bands, it was a pleasure having them.

Nick Ramirez, leaning forward over his drumset at the camer
Nick Ramirez

You can catch Roxxy Collie March 25th at The Cellar at Alturas with The Will Shamberger Band and The Grimtones! (celebrating their 15th anniversary!)
Due to the weather most of the cast took the night off out of safety. Being able to bring you this weeks show was a real blessing. Viva Roxxy Collie and WLP!
Life is short and we love you!
Thanks for listening.