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Aaron Steinmetz – Occasional Artist – S4 E39

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Aaron Steinmetz - Occasional Artist - S4 E39

Rabbit Rabbit?

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I would Like to begin by reiterating the fact that I, thee Reverend Rory Dowd, am a font of misinformation when I speak. That being said, I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! Aaron Steinmetz, Reno area author and musician joins us this week with his words and tunes! Aaron is a true artist and writer, hermiting himself away to create his art usually, but here he is sharing EXCLUSIVE new works with us and the public!

Aaron Steinmetz, Reno area author and musician

A literary and musical treat

Despite not playing regularly recently, Aaron plays an original that he wrote just for the show called “Lost and Found”; he also read us us a surprisingly awesome passage called “The Stripping Game” from a new novel;  and plays us some tracks from his CD “The New Wilderness”. He kinda does it all folks. Aaron Steinmetz is also the author behind the Sleepy P.I. Trilogy and over on his website,, he’s also starting a new blog, “My Cat (Is Trying To Kill Me)” which should have the first installment up by the time this publishes. All over the place and an avid listener, Aaron was a lot of fun to have on the show.

That’s enough out of me. Hope to see you out this Friday when I host the First Friday at Foxy Olive with my December Guests: Spike and Jackson!

Thanks for listening!