sCHIZoPOLITANs – The Soundtrack to your Imagination – S3 E21

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Season 03
sCHIZoPOLITANs - The Soundtrack to your Imagination - S3 E21

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – S3 E20

So – partying on the Fourth kicked my ass. There’s lots of awesome things I want to say about the Schizopolitans, like that they’re badass. And that Xtevion, Andy Jorgensen, and Hector Urtubia are rocket scientists of music with their Hard Ambient Goth Atonal Jazz Industrial Techno Avant-garde Freestyle Dance Noise ethic. Or that they are an intense experience with sweat and cursing and a room packed full of electronics and wires and keyboards and computers. Or that they are an unique experience in Reno music. I could also say that you should check out The Schizopolitans on their bandcamp page for tons of free music. Or that you can catch them while you “Get Wood!” at the Strega 5-year Anniversary Party on July 12th.


I could also call The Schizopolitans self-indulgent twats, but I wouldn’t do that.


I’m not going to say any of that, because I’m exhausted – enjoy your weekend.

Thanks for listening.

Hector from the Scizopolitans on the worst little podcast

Smooth and suave, Hector’s on the knobs

Andy from The Scizopolitans on the Worst Little Podcast

They call Andy ‘Mr. Excitement’

Xtevion playing a homemade instrument.

Xtevion slapping his big black stick.

Nick’s Mom Should Not Listen to To this Episode -S2 E19

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Season 02
Nick's Mom Should Not Listen to To this Episode -S2 E19

The Worst Little Podcast -This is the Download Link- S2 E17

Well, isn't he just dreamy... frakking, Ken Doll...

In studio this week is Cecil McCumber, a pretty damn talented musician who has been working the trenches of the music scene in Reno for a few years now. He must be doing something wrong though, otherwise, how did he end up on this show? He is a lot of fun to talk to – listen for the exact moment that he turns on Nick like the rest of us. He’s not a bad candidate to replace Chewie… you know, when he’s out of town, not permanent or anything. Cecil has some upcoming shows for you to check out, but you’ll have to listen in for the dates and locations.

Jess enjoying a tasty beverage!

Also with us this week is the … unique… talent that is jess Cherrybear of Cherrybear records. She decided to crash the podcast and  … knit the wole time, when she wasn’t making fun of the Rev. What else did we talk about – um, degrees, kids and school, picklebacks, the kanes, the new stage at Sheas, the open Mic at Strega on Sundays, dead Alphabet, disappointing pancakes, and… uh, Nick’s mom. Things we fogot to talk about were Nada Dada, the first BBDD bout of the year and Reno block party. RBP needs volunteers for the day of the event. If you want to help contact Guerilla Productions or Rory or Glitterdome Presents.

Show some love for YOUR 2012 Battle Born Derby Demons!


Thanks for listening!!





Hard Skool Goth – S2 E13

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Season 02
Hard Skool Goth - S2 E13

Worst Little Podcast -> Download Link < – S02 E11

Friends are the best!

What happens when you and a band have a last-minute scheduling conflict? You call your dumb friends and beg them to come on your show. Luckily, we had Mr. Matt Waage in our corner. We had a great time with Matty in the Dogwater Studios… but I’m not sure he knew he was being recorded. He kept playing his guitar while we were talking, going off on random tangents and making weird noises with his mouth. Normal Matt, I suppose. What was great though, for anyone who’s had the pleasure of catching Matt over the years, was LISTENING TO MATT SING WITHOUT ALL THE FUCKING DELAY ON HIS VOICE! Matt has a pretty and powerful voice and range. Go figure. I figured all the processing was to hide something awful. No. He’s shy. Pussy.

In other news, Nick cleans up real good! Check out the picture above – doesn’t he look all… 22 or something? He and Candyshoppe spent all weekend in the studio. You can check out the videos here along with behind the scenes WLP videos. The album is completed, minus mastering and packaging and making them, so look forward to that at the end of the summer. Although, wouldn’t it be funny if Candyshoppe released their first CD (Glitterbox) before Big Remote (Jenkins)? Ah, I make me laugh.

Also – I have to give a shout out to Matt Weigand, winner of the first semifinal round of the Reno Tahoe Comedy contest. It was a pretty good night and he killed it! If you want to see good local comedy, check out the next semifinals on June 18 at the Pioneer Underground.

I think there was something else I wanted to say… but I forget.

Thanks for listening!

OH YEAH! Check out Matt hosting the open mic at Strega, every Sunday night!

What color is your Merkin? – S1 E32

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Season 01
What color is your Merkin? - S1 E32

Worst Little Podcast – Episode 32

Dane is ready to get his rock on

Dane "I got your bass right here" DeLucchi

Before we get started, we want to take a moment to offer our condolences to the many people affected by the tragedy at the Reno-Stead Air Races last week and their families. The Worst Little Podcast also wants to acknowledge the TREMENDOUS outpouring of help and support from the Reno community – lots of emergency personel and medical staff dropped everything they were doing to help out and the Red Cross was overwhelmed by people responding to requests for donors last Friday and throughout the weeknd. Sincerely – way to go, people of Reno! (And everywhere else nearby!)

To the show! Chewie is of course, off on some Carribean Island sipping beers on the beach while we slave away at Ye Olde Podcaste. So, we decided to have a REALLY good band in this week – the every entertaining and eclectec and exciting, MERKIN! A’lan Bur’ton, Dane DeLucchi (<—spelled right!) and Jeremy Morrow bring it with some teaser tracks from their upcoming, as yet unfinished, CD and smashing live performances. They even play for us their very newest song – and it’s a ripper!

A'lan Bur'ton

A'lan Bur'ton - Too cool for skool.

I’d like to take another moment out to acknowledge the struggle of one of the members of the band. A’lan Bur’ton, afflicted with being a ginger and former slave. Please whatever you do, don’t address him by his slave name, Alan. He is A’lan, premeire Reno artfag and we should accord him all due respect. Don’t call him Alan, he really doesn’t like it. His struggle is an inspiring and moving one, including his harrowing experience in the porn industry. That part of the Merkin interview didn’t get recorded, unfortunately, but it was a really cool segment, I swear.

Jeremy Morrow of Strega Bar

Jeremy gets people drunk for a living. You want to be his friend.


So yeah, I don’t really have much else except to say 1) you should listen to the show, 2) you should check the facebook page to WIN FREE TICKETS TO THE MERKIN SHOW AT THE KNIT ON THURSDAY 9/29, and 3) go hang out at Jeremy’s bar.

Oh, and 4) Thanks for Listening!