Sticker Guy!

Sticker Guy! and Debauch-a-Reno: A Birthday Story

Season 13
Season 13
Sticker Guy! and Debauch-a-Reno: A Birthday Story

We have a fun and exciting show this week. If you’ve ever needed to order stickers, you may have heard of our guest: all the way from Reno, NV and points beyond – The Sticker Guy! himself, Mr. Peter Menchetti. Coming up in the punk scene of Reno in the 80s and 90s with a strong DIY ethic, Menchetti has been promoting and producing music in some form or another for almost four decades. He brings a stack of vinyl and a portable turntable to play us some rock and roll goodness. Joining Menchetti in-studio are his partner Eunice and Pussy Velour’s Wolfgang and Quinn!

A man bending over a portable turntable
Sticker Guy, Pete Menchetti, spinning some tunes
Four people standing almost shoulder-to-shoulder and posing for the camera
Quinn, Pete, Eunice, and Wolfgang

This year marks the 30th anniversary of his launch of Sticker Guy! and to celebrate, Menchetti has pooled together his contacts from his record label (Slovenly Recordings – celebrating 21 years) and festival production company (We’re Loud Fest) to put on the fifth installment of Debauch-a-Reno! This time, the punks are taking over Wingfield park for the weekend, starting on Friday 6/16 at 5pm with (friend-of-the-show) DJ Staxofwax! The all-ages festival will be held between Wingfield Park during the day and evening with afterparties at The Cypress. The lineup is intense, featuring 20+ acts The Mummies, The Kids, The Zeroes, Deadbolt, along with locals Eddie and the Subtitles, The Juvinals, Pussy Velour, a DJ set from Jello Biafra and more! There will be merch, sponsor booths, and food available at the park as well. The FAQ page has all the details and links – limited tickets are still available!

three males standing with the middle's arms around the others' shoulders
Rory, Rick, and Nick

Reverend Rory is in to host this week and we also get a visit from everyone’s favorite junior intern, RaggMopp. Plus, we introduce our NEWEST intern: LEE! We see big things for Lee in the futurely, Lee. Lee leelee lee. Talked about some other events, but the show is out late this week, so we hope you had fun, whatever you did.

A young person flashing a peace sign, sitting in a chair

Thanks for Listening.

We’re Calling in Sick.

Hello, constant listener and the Intrawebz,

We hate to do it, but we had to cancell the episode this week due to the failing health of half of the crew. Rick has the plague and Rory’s got a hole in his tooth. I’d go into greater detail, but it makes Nick squirm… so we’ll save it for the show next week!

In case you were interested, the Reno Block Party and Undiscovered 2011 (a.k.a. Rick-stock) were great! Huge successes and a grand old time were had by all! Thanks for attending if you did – it’s events like these that make Reno so freaking awesome! And thanks to all the bands that played; we’re going to try to book as many of them as possible in the coming months (Very Pretty Pigeon, Memory Motel… I’m looking at you….).

Exciting news – We gots stickers!!!!! A big shout out to the fine folks over at Sticker Guy! (Eric Foreman)  for hooking us up with some sweet stickers. Want some? Leave a comment – we’ll sent them to you!

Don’t forget to check out NadaDada Motel this week – June 16 through 19 at locations all over downtown Reno.  Local artists and performers collaborate once again in a celebration of nothing and everything. Still not sure what NadaDada is? It doesn’t matter. Just go.

Trust us! We know what we’re doing!