Jonie Blinman – Tales of New York – S1 E43

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Jonie Blinman - Tales of New York - S1 E43

The Worst Little Podcast – Download Link – Episode 43

Brrr… It’s time for snow, but I could really use a little spring.

First off, to everyone who came out for the Marianarchy Winter Ball 2011 , we can’t thank you enough. It was a great turnout and a great show. More on that during the podcast.

Jonie B - can i please go now


December is here and it’s time for birthdays and holidays and time with the family and not quite having enought time or money to have fun but for some reason we generally have great memories of it and can’t wait to do it again even though last year we said it was the last time we did this nonsense. *gasp* However, it does mean that we are going to take a little break. This is the second to last show of the year for us – the next should be out the week before Christmas, so stay tuned!

Jonie Blinman and Kristin Pitman were tricked into happy to come on the show with us this week. If you don’t know who Jonie is, you should – she has been a vital part of the Reno music scene in the past decade, including founding Songwriters in the Round (SITR). Kristin is no slouch either, a talented violinist and guitarer in her own right. She’s also a baker!

Kristin Pitman - these guys are creepy

brought to you by the letter K

They left our fair city at the end of last year to cut their teeth on NYC. But the Biggest Little Black Hole in the Universe dragged them back, however willingly. They regale us with some stories, some tragic, some funny, some bizzare – but nothing that kept them there. We laughed, we gasped, we almost cried. We’re happy to have them back and hang out on our show!

Enjoy your prelude to the holidays; as I always say, don’t get so high that you can’t understand the anti-drug commercial.
And thanks for listening!