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Shannon Dobbs – Un-Commonly Grounded – S11 E12

Season 11
Season 11
Shannon Dobbs - Un-Commonly Grounded - S11 E12

I cant stop sneezing – spring must be here.

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Our guest this week is Shannon Dobbs, Reno entrepreneur and international agent of change. Shannon has spent a lot of time in Reno, as a community member as well as a business owner, and literally has put his money where his mouth is, betting on a future of change. You may know him as the former proprietor of the Five Star or the founder of On Common Ground, a community food network.

Shannon Dobbs

We range unusually far and wide this week: We talk about Shannon’s new digs in Mexico. We take some trips down memory lane, talking about the old Reno, the dark and dirty Reno, the Reno full of optimism and hope. We also talk about a lot of the current harsh realities, from COVID to food insecurity. Shannon also has a book coming out, regarding community organizing to combat food anxieties. Look for Low Hanging Fruit to come out on (or around) 7/11/2021. Featured Music this week from Vague Choir, Karma and Erin Drive.

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